The Whirling Dervish that is Sarah Palin

It was the banner that caught my eye – ‘Worst Governor Ever.’  How many folks could that possibly refer?  Butch?  Jan Brewer? Rick Perry? Haley Barbour? Ah, geez…the list is sooo long.

But here – here, it is – and then we’ll discuss and bitch.  The woman holding up the sign is Kathleen Gustafson of Homer, Alaska.

What immediately struck me was the overall tone of Palin.  She’s not about substance so there’s this sing-songy cadence, cheer-leading stance she takes on. There was absolutely no interest in listening; it’s about hearing herself speak, inanely.

There’s the intentional attempts to block the person from recording the video by both Todd Palin and some ‘bodyguard’ or ‘friend.’  What’s the point there? There on their home turf, why the need to get up in someone’s face and act like a couple of thugs?  Todd Palin makes a play at intimidation by brushing up against Ms Gustafson twice.

There’ s the interjection by one of the Palin girls (Bristol, I believe it is)  who is incredibly disrespectful in addressing Ms Gustafson and even more so all the while with the gum smacking.  Not to mention calling the ‘camera guy’ an asshole.  But at least SHE’S practicing abstinence . . . now.

There’s the ‘oh, ah….hmm’ and the obvious rolling of her eyes and the eye-lock with her daughter when the banner lady tells them she’s a teacher.   Yeah – way to bash teachers, Sarah. As Shannyn Moore noted, even though Palin’s father was  a teacher:

“….[but] that was back in the day before public schools were evil and teachers were secret socialists that want to earn decent wages and show our kids video tapes of the president telling them not to drop out, and teach evolution only, and sex education.”

The ole freedom of speech bullshit rag is brought out and waved because, oh yeah, the Discovery Channel is here filming for  Sarah’s reality show.  All the while the Palin pit bulls form a semicircle around Ms Gustafson to bully her into taking down the sign and to promise never embarrassing Miss Sarah again.

The scariest thing Palin said went something like this: “To protect our military interests so that we can keep on fightin’ for our constitutional protections of freedoms.” Jesus!

But the thing that really jumped out at me?

The bullying; they’re bullies – every last one of them.  And – obviously very thin-skinned are Sarah Palin and the Palin clan.

I mean, I’m thin-skinned.  I let the weirdest things bug me or disrupt my otherwise laid-backness (which never really has a chance to shine, might I add).  You’ll never see me run for office. Someone would piss me off, I’d call them a fucking motherfucker and I would NEVER even get to godcatcher, oops – dogcatcher.  And this is how it is with Sarah Palin. This is why she answers or explains EVERY thing, every move, every word, every action.

Call it spin control – call it whatever you want.  I hope that whatever it is, I hope this is her undoing.  Once and for all.


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  1. Undoing? Blast the very notion. She’s the anti-intellectual, a hater of education, skeptic of science, and the doggess of mediocrity. Or as she calls it, a “real American”. Dog help us.

  2. That entire episode just pissed me off royally. And she epitomized it so well in 90 seconds exactly what you wrote. That’s what I want people to recognize – that she is not who they think she is.

  3. What I noticed in the video is how remarkably shallow Ms. Palin’s theatrical persona is. She is definitely stronger with a sycophantic audience. A real, live person, “Kathleen the Teacher,” really threw her off her schtick.

  4. how remarkably shallow Ms. Palin’s theatrical persona is.

    Yes! Exactly! Yeah, Kathleen really did throw her off especially in using phraseology like – ‘you swore on your precious bible’ calling her out on her alleged Christianity.

  5. I am just oh, so tired of her face everywhere.

    So, I get to meet a good amount of people in my real world J-O-B and I always ask them if they want to hear a joke.

    Sarah Palin

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