Ben Quayle IS His Father’s Son

Can NONE of these people get and hold a regular job!?  Do they ALWAYS have to suck at the government’s tits all the while lambasting it – intent on its destruction.  Isn’t that treasonous?

Dude must’ve slept through the last two administrations, eh?   Drug cartels in Mexico?!  Who knew the president of the United States was in charge of those fuckers.   But like he says, he was raised in Arizona – he was “raised right.”   Yeah, I’ll just bet you were, white boy.

Oh! And who the FUCK picked his tie?!


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  1. […] out by the Quayle for Congress campaign that implies that he has children. He does not. … Ben QuBen Quayle – Hardball Slideshow segment on Ben Quayle “Kids” mailer. Chris Matthews talks about a mailer […]

  2. That’s right! Ben Quayle sent out a mailer with two young girls under the age of 6 or so, who people could very presume are his children. They are not! He just recently was married and has NO children. Misleading as hell.

  3. And just for the hell of it – read this, Ben:

    But Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., who was born and raised in southern Arizona, notes that much of the fear of border violence comes from people in the north.

    “The fear that folks have around border security largely rests in the interior, from folks who live far away from the border,” says Sinema, adding that this is because they get their information from politicians and the media.

    People who live along the border, Sinema says, know that “we have not seen an increase in border-related violence in the last 18 years. If anything, we’ve seen a decrease in the last 10 years.”

    El Paso Sheriff Richard Wiles adds that it’s actually in the interest of Mexican drug cartels to keep U.S. border cities safe. “We know most of the drugs come across our port of entry,” says Wiles. “After 9/11, the port was closed, and it impacted their profits,” he says. “So it’s in their best interest to keep the ports open.”

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  5. What’s wrong with his tie?

  6. Personal preference – I’m not a fan of green (that shade of green, especially) ties.

  7. Alrighty then…duly noted. 😉

  8. I say we give him the test.

    Make him spell the name of a vegetable.

  9. Comprehensive Comprehender, on August 16, 2010 at 7:26 pm Said:
    I say we give him the test.
    Make him spell the name of a vegetable.

    Ericn1300 says:
    What, ask him to spell his own name?

  10. Eric –

    That’s fowl, dude….. quayle (it’s a bird, Dan)

  11. Yeah but mentally he’s closer to a vegetable.

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