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Driving around this afternoon doing an errand I saw two signs on Veterans Parkway on the west side of the road.  One was at the intersection of Veteran’s Parkways and Adams Street on the southwest corner.  The other was at the corner of V-Parkway & Chinden, again on the southwest corner.  Both were on the fence facing VP.    Tried to grab a picture but my the traffics lights turned green too quickly – both of them!

The signs say:   ‘VOTE OBAMA’ and underneath ‘VOTE MINNICK‘ on blue & white.  Blue background, white lettering. ….. I think.  I was stunned.

Wonder what Mountain Goat will have to say; she’s led quite the charge lately on Minnick’s stances and political ads.  There’s good reading and information over there, by the way, so go – read.



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  1. Actually they said “Support Obama, Vote Minnick”. They were made by a Republican operative in north Idaho in response to Minnick running hard against the party. And as it turns out, it was completely unnecessary. Democrats didn’t show up to vote for Walt since he seemed embarrassed to represent them.

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