How I’d Miss This?

In the early 1980s my daughter & I, living across from Boise High in the North End, had a neighbor with a sometime boyfriend who ‘worked’ at KBSU.   He was a communications major, had blond hair, and rode a motorcycle.  My neighbor talked it up a bit but he, truly, was the one who essentially described the programming at KBSU and since then it’s been among my primary stations – particularly on Saturdays.  Saturday mornings ALWAYS made for good listening between Linda Laz & Victor Pacania. Since the kid is an adult with her own little ‘pink monster princess’  I usually listen all day into the night – seriously.

For several weeks now in listening to the ‘Laz Spectrum’ I’ve heard this other announcer voice.  I know – some may wonder how I could listen and not hear the announcer from time to time and notice the difference.   Sometimes I did; seriously, I just thought it was a substitute.  Then this morning I got worried and looked it up on BSU’s radio website.

Linda Laz retired!

Well, fuck….




Disclaimer: Not a Curtis Stigers fan.


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  1. Well her way was much easier than Victor’s, God rest his soul.

  2. Victor….I swear, I have a hard time listening to Carl because I really do get kinda choked up. I’m a sap that way. I had a close friend die of breast cancer in 2002 and I can’t imagine that Victor had it easy. God rest his soul.

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