The Hilarity of Absurdity

Please note this asshole’s occupation.

And as was handily pointed out, once again – the motto of the ReTHUGS:

“As long as I have mine – FUCK YOU!”

According to an account from a Capitol Hill staffer in Politico, newly elected Maryland congressman Andy Harris — who ran on an anti-health care reform platform — wanted to know why it was taking so long for him to get his government-subsidized health care.

He demanded to know during freshman orientation why his government health care wouldn’t kick in for a month, according to the account. It starts in February, a month after he’s sworn in, something he says is unusual and, according to one of his staffers, inefficient.


The ONLY place I ‘worked’ where health care kicked in immediately was the military.

Most of my adult life has been working for medicos – hospital or clinics – and there, the only exception was with the radiology group in Ohio; it was 2 weeks.   Otherwise it ranged from 30 to 91 days – covering the 90-day probationary period.

Are NONE of these people connected to reality?



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  1. “…Are NONE of these people connected to reality?”

    What a great name for a TV program/series like PBS Frontline.

    But to answer your question. Yes, they are connected to reality, just a different reality – that much is sure.

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