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Is This Denial or Stupidity?

During ‘morning rounds’ I happened upon this from Crooks & Liars.   It’s an interview of Christopher Barron of GOProud by Cenk Uygur.*   Apparently two groups have bowed out of the CPAC (Conservative political action community) annual meeting due to GOProud’s presence at the upcoming conference.  Those two organizations: Concerned Women for America and the Family Research Council (bully pulpits of Phyllis Schlafly & Tony Perkins, respectively) – surprise! surprise!  -and here, Cenk gets down to brass tacks.

“All right, Chris. First, let me get it out-of-the-way. Why on God`s green earth are you even a Republican?”


Here’s the response from Mr. Barron:

And I`m a conservative because while I was born gay, I wasn`t born to believe that government has all of the answers. In fact, I`ve seen throughout my life that, in fact, government is often the problem, because I believe in free markets, because I believe in a strong military defense, because I believe in the power of the individual. That`s why I`m a conservative Republican.

That’s fine – totally understandable.  It’s all about him.  He doesn’t get the connection between us but how it relates to his needs and his pleasure or fulfillment.   As Cenk asks, where was he in the past when the Republican Party was (and still is, I might add) campaigning against ‘the likes’ of Mr. Barron.

BARRON: Well, first off, we`ve only been around for two years. So every year that we`ve been in existence we`ve participated in CPAC.

Like I said, since it wasn’t about him it didn’t matter, count or exist as part of reality.  Mr. Barron’s very existence as a white, gay male is on the backs of countless – COUNTLESS! – men & women who did matter, count, and lived very real, sometime terribly torturous lives as a result of societal prejudices based on – for the most part – archaic religious thought.   Apparently with Chris Barron, the political fight for being GOP & gay has only been ongoing for two years, as long as his organization has been around.

To me the most telling exchange is this one:

UYGUR:  . . . . . But what I don`t get is how you can, with a good conscience, vote for a party that does not like you? They don`t like who you are. They don`t like your identity.

BARRON:  First off, I completely and totally reject that. We`re, for the second year in a row, participating in CPAC, the largest —

Oh the awesome force of denial.

Then, Cenk brings up repealing DADT and to further illustrate how accepting the GOP is of gays, Mr. Barron throws up that if it weren’t for some GOP senators (8 of the 41 in the Senate) voting for repeal of DADT, there would have been no repeal.   True enough. However, those 8 Republican senators are 19-20% of the entire GOP block in the Senate.   Now to me – 20% – is NOT ‘most’ and definitely is not a majority.

Just reading and watching this particular interview, I’m just struck (as always I am) the disconnection between reality and the thoughts of those expressing them – ‘them’ being (in my view) most likely members of the GOP & the so-called ‘Tea Party’ cult.   That disconnection coupled with the manner in which questions or issues are framed, talked out or answered dances hand-in-hand with doublespeak.

It matters little to Mr. Barron of GOProud that the two organizations boycotting CPAC are the two most politically prominent culture warriors of American conservatism, and they are actively bucking GOProud’s involvement in CPAC.   At the same time this could be a possible, positive indicator that CPAC is wiling to kick Phyllis & Tony to the curb for a politically expedient issue that would work to the benefit of the GOP.   As always – looking to capitalize on what they perceive (and is consistently touted by cable media – specifically – and other media formats) as a downtrend in the Democrats power and the supposed lack of Mr. Obama’s popularity.

Why do I get the feeling we’ll be in for more Mr. Barrons as the next two years transpire?

Just some disjointed thoughts …..

*Disclaimer: Can’t stand Cenk, likening him to a bulldozing bully. ‘nuff said.  – nor his show.  ’nuff said, now.


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  1. You now that denial is…………… a big river in Egypt

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