Throwing Around ‘Obamacare’

Just an observation…

This morning on the way to and from an appointment I had the radio on.  As I often do I had it on ‘scan.’  As the radio paused for two seconds at each FM station, i noticed something.  The so-labeled Christian stations were all discussing “Obamacare” and, of course, its repeal.

Two things I thought about:

  • 1) The labeling it ‘Obamacare.’  Labeling it as such reminds those who didn’t vote for the president that they didn’t and this is his folly.   It may or may not be directly related to their vision of race relations in this country.
  • 2) In discussing the repeal, it’s all about taking away something that will benefit those who cannot afford certain aspects of health care or simply cannot afford health care.  What about the adage of helping those in the name of Christ?  Why would you take that away?

Just some disjointed thoughts while driving this morning.



2 Responses

  1. No, they label it Obamacare to imply that the only one who will ever benefit is PrezBO and his darling family. I guess they don’t know that the president already gets full federally funded medical coverage.

    I’m so tired of the lies, they’re not even worth contradicting anymore. Anybody who knows they’re lies knows. Everybody else is beyond being reasoned with.

  2. I get tired of the lies and have to bow out for awhile, which is exactly what I’ve been doing for regeneration. Right now I’m going for a bit of a walk.

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