So Long, Keith

Wow – this was a total shocker.  While I’m working, I have Twitter open online to catch breaking news, etc., and suddenly it was all about Keith Olbermann & MSNBC.

I haven’t watched Keith Olbermann with any regularity for quite some time.  It definitely coincides with what I thought was an intense barrage from certain folks on the left aimed at President Obama who were either too stupid or too self-absorbed to realize the fuel it provided.  Perhaps not as intensely as those who went the way of Jane Hamsher’s firedoglake or other blogs who apparently couldn’t get beyond Hillary Clinton losing the Democratic nomination, it was enough to cool my interest.  The only one who I watch more than periodically is Rachel Maddow.  It’s her “keen intellect” that’s the draw for me.

All in all, this tweet from John Cole at Balloon Juice sums it up perfectly.

Johngcole Christ. Cenk Uygar at 6 pm and Ed at ten pm,. Where do I petition MSNBC to just say fuck it and show LOCKUP all week?

Cenk?  Oh, hell NO! Never!  Here’s Keith’s sign-off if you’re interested.

TVcTV, Channel 11 with Cable One has Free Speech TV with Democracy Now! at 10:00 pm, Monday through Friday which I’ve been watching regularly for well over a year.   There’s a few places on the web I ‘tune in’ for news and other stories.   FLYP media, Radical Radio (undergoing ‘remodeling’ currently), but most often by far, Al-Jazeera with several programs focused on ‘the West’ as in the northern hemisphere – Europe and North America – Faultlines with Avi Lewis (husband of Naomi Klein); and the ole’ standbys NPR and PRI.

It’s not the end of the world . . .  yet.


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  1. Channel 11 has Democracy Now!? (No, that exclamation and question aren’t meant to go together…) Is Channel 11 the same one that has the Jewish Jesus and the dude that looks like Jesus preaching from a podium while wearing a beatup ole t-shirt?

  2. Probably! I don’t linger too long on that particular genre of “independent programming.” There’s a lot of ’em, especially on Friday and during the day. Probably should’ve added that’s Channel 11 with Cable One.

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