Here’s Tyranny For Ya

Egypt is erupting for the second day.  I caught this video early yesterday morning.  It’s entitled ‘Angry Demonstrations; Man Against Armored Water Cannon’ – per my interpretation of Google Translate.


Mother Jones’ Nick Baumann has a cursory background piece on Egypt as well as where to turn for more information.  As he states in the comments, it is NOT meant to provide anything other than basic information on Egypt.

Why are Egyptians unhappy? They have basically no more freedom than Tunisians. Egypt is ranked 138th of 167 countries on The Economist‘s Democracy index, a widely accepted measure of political freedom. That ranking puts Egypt just seven spots ahead of Tunisia. And Egyptians are significantly poorer than their cousins to the west.

As always – when following events in the Middle East specifically there’s the incomparable Al-Jazeera for both written reports and video/live station.

It’ll put things in perspective sharply.

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