Rage Day in Egypt

It’s not abating any that I can see.  Twitter has erupted. Here’s some pics from Suez .

The Egyptian interior ministry issued a warning of “decisive measures“to be undertaken with protests tomorrow, the 28th.  It’s already Friday in Egypt – morning, I believe.

‘Crazy Uncle Joe’ Biden has weighed in on Mubarek; he’s not a dictator.  Watched this tonight and damned near threw the cat across the room.  And I like Joe Biden.  It doesn’t mean he’s correct – he isn’t.

In an exclusive interview with the NewsHour, Vice President Joe Biden told Jim Lehrer Thursday afternoon that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, the target of anti-government demonstrations in Cairo, is someone he knows “fairly well” and does not consider to be a dictator. But the “time has come for President Mubarak to begin to move in the direction of being more responsive to some of the needs of the people out there.”

Yeah, thanks Joe.

I’ve been trying to get to several blogs and websites I’ve been hitting and many of them are reporting ‘the connection to the server was reset’ bullshit.   This is from ‘The Arabist’ announcing the Egyptian government has shut down the Internet.  This is from my Google Reader feed; I can’t access his blog.

I have received confirmation from a person in a position to know at one Egypt’s mobile phone operators that the phone companies have been ordered by the authorities to shut down SMS services (which has been the case for at least an hour) and Blackberry Messenging in Cairo (and perhaps elsewhere in Egypt).

This is on top of more confirmation that internet is not available at least in the Cairo area.

There is a certain irony that I am reporting this from Tunisia, until recently the Arab country with probably the most sophisticated internet censorship in the Arab world.

If Egypt can do it, you know the United States government can do it.   As President Bartlett tweeted:


The current situation in Egypt underscores the absolute need for net neutrality here in the United States.

Don’t I recall seeing something about the Bush administration sending prisoners (Gitmo) to Egypt for counseling or “extraordinary rendition?”  From ‘The Economist’ – the article also provides a good bit of background of the economics of Egyptians:

There was good reason why under the Bush administration Egypt was a favoured destination for “rendition” of terrorist suspects.

And if you need a REAL dose of reality – the AP uploaded this video just before the media shutdown in Egypt.  The most graphic is at the very beginning.   I can only imagine what tomorrow will be like.

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