Egypt is Exploding

Won’t get too much work done this morning.  There aer two live feeds to follow.  The better of the two in my opinion, Al-Jazeera English.

Al-Jazeera, English and CNN International.

Some amazing, amazing video coming from Al-Jazeera English office in downtown Cairo earlier.  It’s dark now.  It’s currently 7:50 pm or so in Egypt.

Since most of my Twitter feeds are either political or social justice oriented, Twitter is burning up.


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  1. This is just nuts! Mabarak’s statement and now the Egyptian Army taking control of the main square in Cairo. What next?

  2. Welll, I’m not too worried about the Egyptian Army right now. I’m thinking about ole’ Mubarek. That fucker is 82! Move over fer crissakes. However the thing that caught my ear.

    “Listen ya fuckin’ Egyptians, I’m allowing you to protest because I’ve given you freedom.” The man is delusional.

    Did you watch any of Al-Jazeera English? OMG! I watched most of the morning and then off and on this afternoon.

  3. I was watching Al-Jazeera English on Friday and Saturday and was completely stunned. The show of force (now made worse by those damn jets and helicopters hovering), the sheer numbers, the complete stubbornness or stupidity of Mubarak…it’s nuts! He is 82, minus that fresh dye job, and he’s not going to win over the people in his lifetime. Let it go, man.

  4. Ya know in dealing with old white men in daily life, not to mention at work – plus my own father at fucking 90! – I’m surprised so many are still alive. It’s blind, absolutely BLIND stubbornness, thinking it shows what? Tenacity? Nope – it’s shows stupidity. Granted not EVERY Egyptian is protesting which is probably the idiotic proof Mubarak needs to show he’s still wanted & adored.

    And I just LOVE how our gov’t – yeah, read POTUS & Hillary – cannot, CANNOT say, just get the fuck out. We’re behind the protesters. Nope. Gotta stick with these shitheads ‘cuz he’s one of our shitheads.

    Mubarak’s vice president, Omar Suleiman. Get a hold of Jane Mayer’s book, ‘The Dark Side’ – pgs 113-116 she talks about the rendition program of detainees and Egypt’s role in that. Pretty damned big. There’s a reason the Egyptian people HATE the police & security forces – which isn’t the military. there’s secret police there.

    Gotta work.

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