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Union Thuggery, My Ass!

Read this from KTVB via the AP.

Apparently someone identified as “an angry teacher showed up” at the home of Tom Luna’s mother, who is 71 years of age.  It’s not something I would do nor is it something I’d support.  It’s Luna’s comments to which I take exception.

Associated Press

Posted on February 15, 2011 at 7:57 AM

BOISE — Public schools chief Tom Luna says he had to file a police report after an angry teacher showed up at his 71-year-old mother’s home in Nampa on Saturday.

Luna has been the object of anger from teachers for his proposals to overhaul Idaho’s K-12 education system. He’s currently proposing a list of changes to his plan.

“It was just totally uncalled for,” Luna said.  “When you look at the emails that have gone out, where they’ve listed people’s addresses, they’ve listed their home phone numbers, they’ve said ‘Go talk to their neighbors and tell their neighbors to go tell them not to support this.  It’s just union thuggery as far as I’m concerned.”

No arrests were made.

Union thuggery?  Surely you fucking jest, Mr. Luna.  Take a look in the mirror.   Listing people’s addresses, home phone numbers, harassing neighbors – you know where that shit comes from – your side.  It’s been done for years when it comes to ‘exposing’ those who support Democratic or left-leaning policies.   Ask any abortion & health care service provider.

I guess that so-called degree in ‘Weights & Measures’ didn’t include studying American History.

Oh – and for the record, one teacher who appears at the door of your mother isn’t “the teachers union” ya fucking dolt.

Come up with an EDUCATION plan and then we’ll talk.