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Solar Power coupled with Crone Power

Via Sierra Magazine: Five Maasai Grandmothers Light the Way to Solar-Powered Huts: The illiterate women learned how to install panels.

You Can’t Make Me!

Just a comment on this in The Idaho Statesman Tuesday morning edition.

Governor Butch is refusing to meet with the Idaho Press Club tomorrow, Wednesday instead sending Lt. Gov. Brad Little.  Otter’s spokesman, Jon Hanian, stated flatly, “The governor said, ‘Look, I’m not going to do it this year.’”

Idaho’s governors have met with the Idaho Press Club during the annual legislative session since the tradition began with Cecil Andrus in the early 1970s.

They did it because they honored the media’s duty to inform.

Simply put, it is the duty of the governor to make himself accessible to the people over whom he has governance, as well as to the media as a mechanism to dispensing information.  Aside from thinking Butch wouldn’t be anything more than a common drunk if he hadn’t married into the Simplot family, he still has a duty to the people of Idaho in allowing access.

“I’ve Seen Him More Times at Breakfast…”

Apparently Fox News, long known for its objectivity and incredible in-your-face reporting has ignited a ‘firestorm’ accusing CNN, Reuters, and other news outlets of participating in a government-sponsored propaganda excursion wherein they acted as human shields while covering a bombed out portion of Gaddafi’s compound in Tripoli.

As told by Nic Robertson, CNN, a good number of reporters/journalists along with photographers were on an excursion to ‘tour’ an apparent “unauthorized” target under the no-fly-zone enacted by the UN over Libya ‘sponsored’ by Libyans officials from the Ministry of Information.  Ultimately British aircraft on the verge of firing 7 Storm Shadow missiles in to the same area called off the attack once learning of the physical presence of the reporters.  Thus the accusation by Fox News of being used as human shields. Continue reading

Photos from the Kill Team Involving Local Boy

There’s a picture of PFC Holmes from the Idaho Statesman in which I think his eyes are ‘dead-looking’ especially when compared to a high school photo.  I can’t tell if he’s attempting to pull off the tough,’I’m a soldier’ or if that look is simply one of boredom.

I cannot tell how much disgust I have for the individuals posing in the pictures I’m posting below. They sickened me.  Not only the pictures but the men.  Here the brief rundown in Der Spiegel.

The piece in SPIEGEL reconstructs some of the atrocities and includes three previously unknown photographs. Among other things, they show two of the suspected killers posing next to a corpse. The victim in the image is Gul Mudin, an Afghan man killed on Jan. 15, 2010 in the village of La Mohammed Kalay. In total, SPIEGEL and SPIEGEL TV has obtained close to 4,000 photos and videos.

The suspects are accused of having killed civilians for no reason and then of trying to make it look as though the killings had been acts of self-defense. Some of the accused have said the acts had been tightly scripted.

Thus far, the crimes against them are alleged.   Continue and view the one photo posted at your own risk.  Der Spiegel has the photo gallery on their website. Continue reading


Being quite intrigued by the moon I love these pics of last night’s ‘super moon’ with some information from National Geographic complete with a quiz on moon myths and mysteries.


Back to Working 2nd Shift!

Finally! I’m getting back to working the schedule I’ve worked most of my adult life.  Afternoons into evening. I’m relieved and soo delighted. We’ve integrated a new system for what I do at work and we’re pretty adept at utilizing it accurately so I approached my boss about switching back to second shift. Not to mention I’m not much of a morning person so by noon I’m just beginning to hit a ‘groove’ and by 2:00 pm, I’m on it until I’m finished for the day 2-3 hours later.

It has been pure torture for someone so addicted to politics to lose my most important time – mornings – to satiate my politicalness in watching C-SPAN and perusing the Internet as well as posting something to my blog.  Hopefully, I can keep better abreast of statewide happenings as well and if I feel so inclined – as I have at times over the past several weeks – to go to the Capitol to observe the legislature or hearings, I can go.

As an aside, I discovered something with my cable through Cable One . There’s a package you can get for $20.  You have Channels 2-22, and 98 or something.  I thought it fine since all I cared about were local network channels, C-SPAN, & channel 11 TVCTV whereon I watch DemocracyNow! every evening ≈ along with Grit TV.   So I’m talking to the rep at Cable One and I want to keep the DVR to record shit and I muttered something about, ‘shit, I need the high def for the bedroom TV.’  He says, ‘that’s another $5.’  Fine, I say.

Following the tech coming out and “switching off” whatever I run through what I have.  Because I got the high def ‘package, I’ve managed to retain the cable news channels along with several others I enjoy: National Geographic, A&E, TNT, TBS, all channels of PBS, etc., along with MUSIC channels!  Here it was my intent to get rid of “cable” due to cost and yet the channels I actually do enjoy and didn’t want to lose, I still have access to because of that HD designation.  The little $25.00 color TV I picked up at a yard sale a few years ago that’s in the bedroom gets the first 22 channels and music, which is cool for reading and slumming with the cats.

One other thing – gardening… it’s coming and now I can do it in the morning! Sit out and drink coffee watching the birds compete with the squirrels for their feeders.







This Scared the Shit Outta Me

Never – EVER – underestimate the power of nature.

I saw this video on Al Jazeera English.  It is not only mesmerizing, it renders speechlessness.  And what’s even CRAZIER.  Into the video about 45 seconds or so, there’s traffic on a street just beyond the sea wall!


Karma and Fucknuts

An urgent tweet came from a fellow politico geek: “I need some help with adjectives to describe this human being.”

I figured it had something to do with the utterly amazing protest in Madison, Wisconsin today. Some neocon fucknut going off about the ‘average’ teacher making $89,000 a year, only working 6.5 hours a day, 9 months of the year….blah, blah, blah.

Nope it was this. 

Seriously? Pearl Harbor? No mention of the internment of Japanese-Americans in camps during said conflict referenced above or the nuclear annihilation of a large number of the populations of Nagasaki and Hiroshima in effort to end said conflict, WWII.

Karma for this asshole tapping out such a blatant racist statement has gotta have some karma judge waiting, somewhere, around some corner.


Surrounding the Capitol for Education

Since my Strawberry Shortcake look-a-like starts kindergarten this fall at Lowell, this is for her.  Not to mention to all the tremendous teachers I’ve had throughout my life, most specifically, Mrs. Hackenberg at Hawthorne Elementary.  Due to the passage of SB 1108 this morning, this action will be undertaken tomorrow.

To protest the passage of Senate Bill 1108 and lawmakers’ refusal to listen to their constituents, Day of Action activities are planned statewide on Wednesday, March 9.

In Boise, a human chain will circle the Capitol starting at 4:30 p.m., followed by a rally at Capitol Park at 5:30 p.m. Parents, students, and community members are invited to support educators from Boise, Caldwell, Kuna, Meridian, Mountain Home, Nampa, Vallivue, and across the Treasure Valley by joining us at the Capitol. Other events planned around the state on Wednesday include:

International Women’s Day

Google’s input: