Back to Working 2nd Shift!

Finally! I’m getting back to working the schedule I’ve worked most of my adult life.  Afternoons into evening. I’m relieved and soo delighted. We’ve integrated a new system for what I do at work and we’re pretty adept at utilizing it accurately so I approached my boss about switching back to second shift. Not to mention I’m not much of a morning person so by noon I’m just beginning to hit a ‘groove’ and by 2:00 pm, I’m on it until I’m finished for the day 2-3 hours later.

It has been pure torture for someone so addicted to politics to lose my most important time – mornings – to satiate my politicalness in watching C-SPAN and perusing the Internet as well as posting something to my blog.  Hopefully, I can keep better abreast of statewide happenings as well and if I feel so inclined – as I have at times over the past several weeks – to go to the Capitol to observe the legislature or hearings, I can go.

As an aside, I discovered something with my cable through Cable One . There’s a package you can get for $20.  You have Channels 2-22, and 98 or something.  I thought it fine since all I cared about were local network channels, C-SPAN, & channel 11 TVCTV whereon I watch DemocracyNow! every evening ≈ along with Grit TV.   So I’m talking to the rep at Cable One and I want to keep the DVR to record shit and I muttered something about, ‘shit, I need the high def for the bedroom TV.’  He says, ‘that’s another $5.’  Fine, I say.

Following the tech coming out and “switching off” whatever I run through what I have.  Because I got the high def ‘package, I’ve managed to retain the cable news channels along with several others I enjoy: National Geographic, A&E, TNT, TBS, all channels of PBS, etc., along with MUSIC channels!  Here it was my intent to get rid of “cable” due to cost and yet the channels I actually do enjoy and didn’t want to lose, I still have access to because of that HD designation.  The little $25.00 color TV I picked up at a yard sale a few years ago that’s in the bedroom gets the first 22 channels and music, which is cool for reading and slumming with the cats.

One other thing – gardening… it’s coming and now I can do it in the morning! Sit out and drink coffee watching the birds compete with the squirrels for their feeders.








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  1. Isn’t life grand!

  2. Yep, I’m pretty psyched.

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