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Democracy Now! John Pilger on “Socialistic Health Care!”

Treasure Valley Community TV runs ‘Free Speech TV’ after 10:00 p.m. on Channel 11 – if you get cable.  I don’t think it runs on broadcast TV.  (As for Direct TV or other satellite, it depends on the package you’ve chosen.)  It’s also on in the early mornings as in before 7:00 a.m.

Democracy Now! runs at 10:00 p.m., and I generally watch it unless something bigger is happening.  Last night I caught this bit advertised as being on next week.  It’s regarding health care – our system versus that of the British as discussed by John Pilger.  If you don’t have the opportunity to view the program, you can catch it at Democracy Now!’ s website.

Daly in Pink

John Daly has always been an interesting character to me.  I just want him to sober the fuck up and golf – and I don’t even FOLLOW golf, let alone actually WATCH it.  But, did I happen to mention that John Daly has always been an interesting character to me?

Maybe it’s the pants.   I do like ’em, ‘cuz I’d wear ’em golfing ….. if I golfed.

Sooo – of course, this caught my attention.

Daly in Pink.

Phil Mikelson left the tournament to be with his wife, Amy, following a diagnosis of breast cancer and upcoming “major surgery.”  Thusly,

John Daly wore bright pink trousers during Sunday’s final round of the BMW PGA Championship in a gesture of support for Phil Mickelson’s wife after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Amy Mickelson was diagnosed last week with the disease and received a message of support on Friday from Darren Clarke, who lost his wife to breast cancer in 2006.

“I had a pair, so I figured I’d do that for her today. I thought it would be a good gesture,” Daly said of his trousers. “I know Phil very well and I know Amy. I’ve known them for a long time – we’ve played the Tour together. She’s a great lady. She has always been a sweetheart to everybody.”

My friend, Diane, died in April of 2002; she was 56.  Her husband, Bob, had done the same thing in taking on the role of caregiver although he was a business executive with Lucent.  Like the Mikelsons, Bob &  Diane had been sweethearts from way back.  In fact, the only time Diane & Bob weren’t a couple was the first 16 years of their lives.   They were together 40 years.

All my best to Amy Mickelson.  And Phil, join a men’s support group.  Bob did and he was NOT the support group kind.  However, he swore by it following his first meeting and went religiously.  It helped him cope.

A Fine Piece of Fuckery – The W.R. Grace Verdict

Ah, the W.R. Grace verdict of “not guilty.” I wanted to let the verdict sink in before attempting to write coherently and without the use of any variation of fuck, i.e., fuckery, motherfuckers – that kind of thing. It hasn’t worked.

Because – it could indeed be defined as a fine piece of fuckery.

The thing most stunning was the length of time the jury spent in consultation and deliberation. Continue reading

Sebelius In As Secretary of Health & Human Services

Kathleen Sebelius approved as Health Secretary 65-31.

Red banner headline at Huffington Post

Sebelius was sworn in tonight at the Oval Office, shortly after the confirmation. “I expect her to hit the ground running,” Obama said after Sebelius took the oath of office. “We had to swear her in right away” because the outbreak of swine flu will need her “immediate attention.”

The Cabinet is full.

Why are Pharmacists, Pharmacists?

Sometime in December of 2008, Bush’s HHS Secretary Michael Leavitt issued a ‘rule’ that would allow certain medical practitioners and service providers to decline performing, referring or paying for “abortion or any other health care practice that violates a religious belief or moral conviction” under those rules issued by Mr. Leavitt.

According to Leavitt, the rule was in response (reaction) to new ethics guidelines for OB-GYNs from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists:

“This rule protects the right of medical providers to care for their patients in accord with their conscience.”

In other words to protect those who refuse to administer medical services or prescriptions that go against their beliefs. Continue reading

Sebelius as Health & Human Services Secretary

According to this at Huffington  Post, it’s looking like Kathleen Sebelius is the choice for Secretary of Heath & Human Services.  Huffington is getting their info from ‘the AP.’  Politico apparently had an announcement up earlier in the day.

Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius is President Barack Obama’s choice for secretary of health and human services, a White House source said Saturday.

The source, who was not authorized to speak on the record, said Obama will formally announce the nomination on Monday.

Sebelius, 60, was an early Obama supporter. She picked his presidential campaign over that of Hillary Rodham Clinton, now the secretary of state. Sebelius worked tirelessly for Obama’s bid and was a top surrogate to women’s groups.

A couple of things caught my attention.

First – Sam Brownback is giving up his Senate seat in 2010, and Kansas Democrats apparently see Sebelius as the one to break the Republican stranglehold on the U.S. Senate.  Continue reading

Daschle Out, Solis Might Be In

Daschle withdraws as HHS nominee

Former Sen. Tom Daschle has withdrawn his bid to be President Obama’s health and human services secretary. President Obama has accepted the request. “Tom Daschle asked me to withdraw his nomination for Secretary of Health and Human Services. I accept his decision with sadness and regret,” Obama said in a written statement.


Solis expects committee vote this week

GOP concerned over Labor nominee’s evasiveness, role in pro-union group

WASHINGTON – The confirmation process for Labor Secretary nominee Hilda Solis is expected to move ahead this week after a delay prompted by Republicans who wanted time to review her responses to written questions.


Matt Taibbi had a story in Rolling Stone on Daschle’s nomination, as did Glenn Greenwald in Salon.

I’ve not been a fan for Daschle since he was in Congress pandering, but I am a fan of Solis and have been for quite some time.

Science-Driven Again

Checking the news channel this morning, Obama is on CNN, FOX, & MSNBC; the Senate is on C-SPAN2 (Jim Inofe, R-OK is on there), and C-SPAN – the confirmation hearing for HHS-nominee Tom Daschle.  Interesting juxtaposition don’t you think. Jim Inofe who embodies the nuttiness of skewering science and Tom Daschle who I just heard say, ‘I hope to return the department to being science driven.’  (My paraphrasing)

Teddy! Ted Kennedy is chairing….his hair is a little sparse.


Dodd is now talking about the “politicization of science” – a point that Daschle emphasized wouldn’t be happening.

Another major issue: Rural health care access to include dentistry and mental health.

Tom Harkin is now bringing up health care for those with disabilities, specifically those with significant disabilities.

Perspective (WSJ) on Bill Sali

The link I had for the story on Bill Sali ‘failed’ for whatever reason, expiration, etc.  It’s below….

There was one particular paragraph that resounded as it totally demonstrates Sali’s idiocy.

After an abortion debate in 2006, then speaker Bruce Newcomb, a Republican, told a group of reporters in the statehouse hallway that Mr. Sali was “an absolute idiot” after Mr. Sali insisted on the statehouse floor that abortions cause breast cancer. “I’ve not withdrawn my statement,” said Mr. Newcomb, who now teaches at Boise State University. Mr. Sali’s spokesman, Wayne Hoffman, said Mr. Newcomb — who supported a Sali foe in the 2006 House primary — “was frustrated” when he made that comment.

It’s Sali’s insistence that what he said is true of the tie-in between abortion and breast cancer that’s so disturbing.  I’ve had two close friends with breast cancer.  One died, one is educating folks.  Both Catholics, and neither had an abortion.   One ‘had’ to adopt children; the other was an “unwed mother”, a single mom who raised her daughter. Continue reading

Crandall Canyon hearing link

The hearing has a video link, front and center

Click here to view today’s hearing