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On Chrylser’s Restructuring – 789 Dealerships to Go

This and more from yesterday on Capitol Hill

Laid-off autoworkers and car dealers fighting forced closures were outraged Wednesday to learn that the new Chrysler-Fiat partnership plans to skirt U.S. restrictions on executive pay by having some top Chrysler executives deemed Fiat employees.

From Automotive News:

Chrysler LLC will eliminate 789 dealers, or 25 percent of its U.S. network, by June 9, according to a memo sent today to retailers in one sales region.

Dealers are learning of their fate via UPS letters to be delivered this morning, the memo says.

Dealers will get 23 business days for a “court review” of their cases, according to the memo, from a sales manager to district dealers.


The National Automobile Dealers Association estimates that an average U.S. dealership now employs about 48 people, so an estimated 37,872 people stand to lose their jobs because of Chrysler’s decision today.

Whoa…. and the banks?  What’s going on with the banks?  More money, yeah?

Ohmigawd – Micron Again

My sister has been having a tough time finding another position within the school district.  She had another job interview last Friday but it went to someone else.

And now this.

Micron Technology says it will cut about 500 more jobs soon and up to 1,500 additional jobs by the end of August…..

The latest layoffs were not anticipated or included in Micron’s earlier 15 percent global workforce reduction announcement last October.

I wonder if this will change the governor’s take on the stimulus package.

More Area Employees Let Go

Another Treasure Valley employer is reducing their workforce by about 10-20%.

Plexus, Inc. confirms it laid off 35 employees this week as part of an overall reduction in force – including 35 full time employees and another 100 contracted part time workers. The company says the 100 part-time workers are contractors – and are used on an as-needed basis.

Kinda makes you wonder about the repercussions of a couple of lawsuits that were filed last year, what role do they play in the company’s finances?

The suits accuse the company and three of its officers of insider trading and inflating the company’s stock price.

Although it does have the facility in Nampa, it is based in Wisconsin.

Closing of All 30 Chrysler Plants for 30 days

The Spokesman-Review had this up on their site.

Operations at the 30 plants will be idled at the end of shift on Friday, Dec. 19, and will not come back online until Jan. 19, 2009, or later.

Paid? It wouldn’t be too bad.  Unpaid?  A total bummer.

An Oatmeal Kind of Morning


It’s a bit foggy, cold, and the cats don’t even want to get up.  I made oatmeal not long after making coffee – none of that instant microwaveable stuff either.  And now we’re listening to The White Album from Windham Hill, watching the chickadees (I think) devouring something from the empty bird feeder.


I saw this story last night about a family-owned business in Illinois, “recently acquired by a Swedish company” who handed out bonuses to

A total of $6.6 million is being shared by just 230 employees of Waukegan-based Peer Bearing Co., with facilities in England and the United States. Amounts varied and were based on years of service.

I’m sure some minds were eased.

While in Boise (Treasure Valley), the business closings continue.  I don’t know anything about Steve & Barry’s, but I was stunned while driving down Franklin Road on Friday I saw the giant ‘Closing’ banner on Corral West.  I would think the likes of Cabella’s bled off some of their business with the help of tax breaks and other benefits.


Purple States – Illinois

Today’s offering is from Chanel in Chicago. ….. it’s incredible, just freakin’ incredible.  I don’t have the You Tube version available yet but will post it when it comes up.  In the meantime you can go here to view Chanel’s story and the others thus far.

It could aptly be titled – ‘Makin’ Due.’

Update:  Here’s the You Tube video…

Firefighters! And Dancing!

Saturday is the Volunteer Firefighters Ball in Sun Valley.  Nils Ribi has details up at his blog along with the names of some newly ‘inducted’ firefighters into their dept.

Bummer – I don’t see that Boise has a Firefighters Ball; I could be wrong.


Check out this poster!