Sunday Morning Cat Snoozing

Poor thing – just moved from the bed to a chair in the living room.



Saturday Night Cat Blogging

Sooo – it’s been raining all day, pretty steadily.   At one point – for a very long time actually, it was a snow/rain mix.  The cats are pretty sure I’ve done this on purpose; they’re scowling at me.  To make up for the rainy day, here’s a few pics of them in happier times…..last week.

First up – Khaos.  He’s an Egyptian Mau.  He was dumped by someone when he was about 3-4 weeks as we figure.  He follows me everywhere, or did until we moved and he’s suddenly more independent.  I’ll have to work on getting a better picture of his markings.

Then there’s Mr. Nibbles.  He’s a rescue kitty. He’s about 13.  He’s huge; however, I do think rumbling around outside has resulted in some weight loss.  A neighbor who walks her dogs down the alley said Nibs actually ‘charged’ her larger dog – a black lab.  Suddenly, he’s territorial.  I mean, I always thought he was the mellowest cat I’ve ever seen and now he’s yelling for everyone to get off his lawn.  WTF?!

We’ll work on getting better pictures. By the time I think of it they’re usually on the move again.

Saturday Cat Loving

The other day walking out to my car I saw a little kitty who looked ‘just like’ one of my two cats.  This one in the picture below. He was dumped almost three years ago in one of the patio wells of a ground level apartment where I live.  His name is Khaos, ‘cuz he’s a little crazier than the average shit-cat, but he has such PERSONALITY along with some very distinctive markings!  As it turns out, he’s a breed – an Egyptian Mau.  So now I’m wondering if he and and this other kitty are related.


I was watching him today while he was out on the balcony checking out this and that, lying upside in one of the chairs, flipping up suddenly because something moved in the tree.   Checking to see what’s happening on the ground, biting at the leaves on one of the plants, eating, drinking – doing cat shit.   Simply put – I LOVE CATS.   I especially love it that all my nephews are Cat Men even though they all have dogs, they LOVE CATS!

Cats and that ‘space-time continuum’

cat gravity

Jus’ Plum Tuckered Out…..


Bye Renners

Had to put down one of our cats this morning.  He was a rescue kitty.  You can’t tell from the picture and you could hardly tell anyway, but the left part of his lower jaw was missing. It was apparent he had suffered some kind of trauma – what, no one quite knew.  His favorite spots were either on top of the refrigerator or the dryer in a basket.  Either place he could be alone and undisturbed, where he could scare the shit out of people opening the refrigerator.


His teeth wore down on the left, one became infected and refused to heal and eventually the infection spread.  It wasn’t the cost; it was the thought of putting Ren through all the surgeries for debridement and ending up with a PEG tube or something for feeding.

I told him I was so sorry.  I worried repeatedly how he’d react when he woke up. Would he feel better? That’s all I hoped.

Oh!  A story!  I was thinking how sweet and almost shy he was and suddenly remembered the time he attacked a firefighter who came into my apartment to check something.  Our outside alarms had been triggered repeatedly and the BFD was here going through each apartment in our building doing checks.  The firefighter who came to  my front door had on helmet, boots, and jacket.  Ren – who, not only was neutered and declawed (he came to me that way) but really had just right-sided teeth –  was sitting quietly at the end of the hallway. When those boots, helmet and jacket entered the doorway, like cannonshot Ren suddenly raced down the hall spitting, yeowing, and striking out with his front paws.  Freaked us all out and stopped that firefighter in his tracks.  I bravely scooped Ren up to save the poor man’s ‘life or limb.’

Oh yeah – and he would sleep on me….

Was Looking to Write

Been thinking about Romney’s pseudo ‘Ich bin Jack Kennedy’ religion speech. However, I’ve been stymied.