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Instant Karma

Seems to be the overwhelming verdict regarding this:

‘Man dies while raping elderly woman.’


Warning Signs Up following Woychick Deaths

New warning signs have gone up at the crosswalk where Tom and Mary Woychick were killed last August.  I’m going to drive over this afternoon to see exactly how prominent they are.

Here’s a couple of pics courtesy of Troy Colson/KTVB; there’s a few more at their site.

BOISE — The Boise crosswalk where an elderly couple was killed last summer now has new warning signs.

Pedestrian paddles went up on Friday.  They are part of a package of safety improvements in the ParkCenter area.

Finally – Charges Against the Man who Killed the Woychicks

THIS was a helluva of long time coming.  It’s about freakin’ time!

Boise police have arrested and charged a man connected to the death of an elderly couple James and Mary Woychick on East ParkCenter Boulevard on Aug. 19.

John William Tiemann, 60, of Boise is charged with felony vehicular manslaughter.

Tiemann was arrested Thursday afternoon following a detailed investigation led by the Boise Police Department Violent Crimes Unit, according to a release from Boise police.

Tiemann will be arraigned on Friday.

Idaho Code says manslaughter is punishable by up to a $15,000 fine and 15 years in prison.

FINALLY! Some News …….

It’s been over six months since Mary & Tom Woychick were driven down on Parkcenter Blvd.   Six months and absolutely nothing forthcoming.   It’s not much; it is something.  From KBOI, Channel 2

Police: Charges expected in elderly couple’s death

But authorities did give a small update to the incident Tuesday afternoon.

“Investigators are working with prosecutors to determine the most appropriate charges,” said Lynn Hightower, Boise Police spokesperson. “Charges are expected.”

Hightower says the investigation is ongoing. We’ll let you know what those charges are as soon as they’re filed.

Nothing in the Idaho Statesman.   Nothing from Mr. John W. Tiemann either.

“In Chains for Christ” – Going From Bad to Worse

In a recent ‘interview’ from jail in Port-au-Prince one of the Americans, arrested for allegedly attempting to take some Haitian children from Port-au-Prince across the border into the Dominican Republic, yelled out, “Philippians 1.” From my own background in being dragged from those different evangelical churches by our mother – Foursquare Gospel to Church of the Nazarene to Assembly of God – one of the most cited verses of chapter 1 is #13 which refers to Paul (and Timothy) being “in chains for Christ.”

In chains for Christ.” I could better understand that outburst if these people were Egyptian or Iraqi Christians or maybe facing brutal suppression in China, Burma (Myanmar) or Iran. But not when you’re in a Haitian jail for attempting to spirit away some 33 children across an international border. Not to mention every time they tell their story, it shifts and slides. However true to past form and example, they trudge on. No remorse, no second-guessing from them over their hubris. Nope. They were called by G*d.

Yesterday morning an update post in the New York Times had this sentence.

And while the Americans said they did not intend to offer the children for adoption, the Web site for their orphanage makes clear that they intended to do so.

That’s all there is to say. While they say their intent was NOT to offer any one of those children up for adoption, it is stated in cold, stark black and white print that is (was) precisely their intent. It’s right there, right there under the plan on their website. Along with the call for prayer requests including one for G*d “to continue to grant favor with the Dominican Government in allowing us to bring as many orphans as we can into the DR.

“As many orphans as we can . . . ” Continue reading

They Merit More Than This

This week my nephew is returning from a two-year stint in Wisconsin.  His birthday is Wednesday, the 13th.  He loves to tell the story of how I held him from the time he was four hours old until he was eight hours old; he really does.

In January 2000 I was in Ohio where, among other things, I was finishing my degree in Religious Studies. I was living in Bedford and working full-time at the hospital. Over the weekend, my mother had gone to St. Al’s where she was in on one day, then out the following day, so I wasn’t too worried.  Then her doctor called me at work Monday afternoon.  She thought I should come immediately.  I was home in Boise the next night. She died Friday afternoon.  Her funeral was the 19th. In the midst of all this, my nephew had his birthday and we hadn’t remembered, not until  it had passed.  After my mother’s funeral we had gone out to eat and it was in figuring all the nieces, nephews, and cousins ages that we realized we had forgotten Matty’s birthday.  He hadn’t even reminded us either; he was 12.

In August of last year Tom and Mary Woychick were killed on their home from morning mass at Our Lady of the Rosary. They were killed as they crossed Park Center Blvd at East Gossamer Lane not far from their home.  This was a couple I knew semi-well while attending St. Paul’s parish for a couple of years at BSU where I served on the parish council for a time.

It’s now been five months.  No charges have been filed against the driver.  Nothing, absolutely nothing, has been reported since a correction printed in the Idaho Statesman regarding the nature of the toxicology testing on the driver responsible for the deaths of the Woychicks. Continue reading

Where the Fuck are the Family Values Police?

Let me preface this by saying I have absolutely NO sympathy, empathy – whatever – with any man who beats his wife.   My father did this to my mother repeatedly on an ongoing basis, terrifying her as well as us,  and this case, this case, is right up my father’s alley.   Yeah, yeah – God, country, fuck the queers, and all that.

His wife, 43, sustained a broken jaw, facial fractures, lacerations to the back of her head and after being beaten into unconsciousness was taken to Norwalk Hospital, a police report of the incident said. …..

He tackled her and began pulling out “gobs of hair,” she said in the report. He then began beating her with a metal flashlight and drove her to the floor under the blows, she told police.

And here – here’s to the stupid fuck award.  (Eugene Riccio is Mr. Farren’s attorney):

Farren was taken into custody at the couple’s home without incident and held overnight in New Canaan without bond. Early Thursday afternoon, state prosecutors argued to increase the bond to $3 million — an amount characterized as “ridiculous” by Farren’s attorney, Eugene Riccio.

Riccio asked Hudock to lower the bond to $500,000. Hudock instead made the bond $2 million, citing the seriousness of the victim’s injuries and the fact she believes he intends to do further harm.

Riccio declined to talk about the case in the court hallway except to say, “This is a very tragic situation.”

Ya think?!   It’s a very tragic situation but yet the asshole wants bond reduced to $500K.   Broken jaw, broken facial bones (nose, zygomatic arches, etc) and posterior skull lacerations come across to me as some serious beating down.

Oh!  Did I mention Mr. Farren’s work in government?

Farren worked as a deputy counsel for George W. Bush from 2007 until he left office; in this role, he took on a number of issues, including dismissal of several U.S. attorneys and the disappearance of White House e-mail communications.

And here, I thought Blake Hall was disgusting stalking, tossing around his dirty used condoms.

See where self-centeredness takes you, the bedrock of Republican ‘values’.  Fucking weirdo, sicko land.

(And now I’m wondering what role being an attorney plays in this sicko shit.)


Footnote: Along with my sister, I have guardianship of my father who has dementia.  We found him in absolute squalor, his money market accounts were damn near ‘bled dry’ by those who were in charge of taking care of him.   Now he’s in a safe place being taken care of and his finances are being governed by a conservator.   Yes, we do giggle from time to time about the irony of it all.