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After the horrendous attack of terrorism on the AME Church in Charleston, S. Carolina,a variety of issues have arisen.

  • Labeling the white gunman a thug or terrorist. Something as inflammatory as how people of color – specifically, blacks –

Rally for Solidarity with the American Worker – US

Just happened to stop at the union offices on 16th Street and found out about this. They were informed of it happening just yesterday so it is really short notice.   Info page for Boise.

Although this may be cited as a solidarity for those workers currently demonstrating in Wisconsin, I think it’s also about supporting the workers within our own community, in other words, us.

Sponsored by MoveOn.org, AFL-CIO, SEIU, Color of Change, American Rights at Work among a few.

Saturday, 26 Feb 2011, 12:00 PM

Rally to Save the American Dream

Idaho Capital steps
700 W Jefferson St
Boise, ID 83720
Hosted by Michael Margulies, Shelly Lenhart

Description: Rally on Idaho State Capital steps to support brothers and sisters in Wisconsin and show solidarity. Bring home made signs. Come and join us at 12 noon on Saturday Feb. 26, 2011

There’s a Facebook page as well.

Esperanza Spalding …… ’nuff said


Something Exciting

Driving around this afternoon doing an errand I saw two signs on Veterans Parkway on the west side of the road.  One was at the intersection of Veteran’s Parkways and Adams Street on the southwest corner.  The other was at the corner of V-Parkway & Chinden, again on the southwest corner.  Both were on the fence facing VP.    Tried to grab a picture but my the traffics lights turned green too quickly – both of them!

The signs say:   ‘VOTE OBAMA’ and underneath ‘VOTE MINNICK‘ on blue & white.  Blue background, white lettering. ….. I think.  I was stunned.

Wonder what Mountain Goat will have to say; she’s led quite the charge lately on Minnick’s stances and political ads.  There’s good reading and information over there, by the way, so go – read.


9/11 Happened to Us All

Offered without comment:

Jus’ So Youse Know

Some time ago a commenter – Larry Good (lw.good.24@gmail.com) – became so obsessed with proving me right or wrong, can’t remember which, that he became a goddamned nuisance.  I don’t have time for such things nor am I willing to spend any time going around and around and around and around.

Sooo – those who are appearing here because you’ve been referred via Boise’s craigslist, this is what shows up to me when you visit my blog.  And there’s more information available.  (Update: It’s not shown on this particular screen shot, but the time, time zone,  date, etc., are viewed on another screen.)

Jus’ so youse know.  Ya wanna be an idiot, be it somewhere else because I’m not interested.   FYI: This jackass isn’t even from Boise; he’s from Texas.  Who goes to all the trouble to read a blog then go to the local craigslist and post something negative?   An asshole with too much time apparently spent up their ass.

Domain Name sbcglobal.net ? (Network)
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“In Chains for Christ” – Going From Bad to Worse

In a recent ‘interview’ from jail in Port-au-Prince one of the Americans, arrested for allegedly attempting to take some Haitian children from Port-au-Prince across the border into the Dominican Republic, yelled out, “Philippians 1.” From my own background in being dragged from those different evangelical churches by our mother – Foursquare Gospel to Church of the Nazarene to Assembly of God – one of the most cited verses of chapter 1 is #13 which refers to Paul (and Timothy) being “in chains for Christ.”

In chains for Christ.” I could better understand that outburst if these people were Egyptian or Iraqi Christians or maybe facing brutal suppression in China, Burma (Myanmar) or Iran. But not when you’re in a Haitian jail for attempting to spirit away some 33 children across an international border. Not to mention every time they tell their story, it shifts and slides. However true to past form and example, they trudge on. No remorse, no second-guessing from them over their hubris. Nope. They were called by G*d.

Yesterday morning an update post in the New York Times had this sentence.

And while the Americans said they did not intend to offer the children for adoption, the Web site for their orphanage makes clear that they intended to do so.

That’s all there is to say. While they say their intent was NOT to offer any one of those children up for adoption, it is stated in cold, stark black and white print that is (was) precisely their intent. It’s right there, right there under the plan on their website. Along with the call for prayer requests including one for G*d “to continue to grant favor with the Dominican Government in allowing us to bring as many orphans as we can into the DR.

“As many orphans as we can . . . ” Continue reading

Who Doesn’t Love Books

Just a bit of an addendum to the cartoon I ran the other day.  It’s in tandem with this piece from Laredo, Texas [Webb county] which currently is a tad larger as Boise.  The literacy rate is estimated to be around 48% lacking in “basic literacy skills” which makes this all the more disturbing. (It’s from the 2003 census, U.S. Dept. of Education – Boise = 7%)

On January 16, Barnes & Noble, which owns B. Dalton, closed the store inside Laredo’s Mall del Norte.

That leaves Laredo, Texas, population of 250,000, one of the largest cities in the United States without a bookstore.

The closest bookstore is now 150 miles away, in San Antonio, Texas.

Can you imagine having to drive to Twin Falls or Ketchum, maybe John Day, Oregon or beyond to hang out in a bookstore?

There must be libraries, right?

Laredo does have two public libraries with a catalog of more than 200,00 books. But library officials say they can’t keep up with the demand for the most popular titles.

I would suppose keeping up with that demand involves money.

So then being curious I thought I’d check out the ratio of bookstores versus libraries in Boise and the valley. Continue reading

Dick Cheney & Jawad’s confession – “product of torture”

This is a delightful development although sickeningly long, long overdue.  With the deterioration of what passes for intelligence in this country it’s evident most people do not understand the depth of the havoc the Bush administration wreaked.

From the SCOTUS blog:

In the first ruling of its kind, a federal judge on Friday barred the federal government from using any statements made by a Guantanamo Bay detainee since he was captured in Afghanistan more than six years ago, finding that all of them were “a product of torture.”  U.S. District Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle did so two days after the Obama Administration notified her that it would not oppose the efforts by lawyers for Mohammed Jawad to block the use of any of those statements as a basis for keeping him in captivity.

What was that the Bush administration was adamant over ….. we don’t do torture – nuh-uh.  Inadmissible evidence.  ‘Captured ‘more than six years ago’ and held without reason.  The Obama administration wanted to delay even further. Continue reading