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Be Back ….

Wanted to get into the NDAA fray a tad because at first I wasn’t understanding the conflicting signals about the exact language vs the intent of the language.  It’s been neigh impossible because I’ve been sick. Whatever it is – the insistent cough thrusting into the chest, the sore throat where gravel apparently is stuck, that stuffiness of your head that makes you feel kinda high but dizzy at the same time, and some other shit thrown in just for the hell of it.  After 2-1/2 days of not working, 2-1/2 days of working at half-speed, and one doctor visit, know what I found?  TheraFlu! Lying in bed working up my energy level to get out to Rite-Aid for TheraFlu it struck me that my parents would use Vicks VapoRub when we had “chest colds” or whatever else they could find to use it for.

Don’t know what or which it was, but my sore throat was gone in the morning, and I’m feeling fairly good.  Not good enough to eat nachos which I’m really hankering for right about now and having to repeatedly talk myself out of fixing, but Shredded Wheat dusted with powdered sugar will suffice for the moment.

Sunday Morning Cat Snoozing

Poor thing – just moved from the bed to a chair in the living room.


It’s Fun Being 4

Hell couldn’t be much hotter or muggier than today here.  We don’t do humidity well here.  It’s usually somewhere in the range of 8-12% during the heat of the day, increasing at night contributing to the coolness.  It’ll have to storm to get rid of this godforsaken humidity!

The granddaughter went to the river with the dog – adventuring.  Here’s one of her finds.

Tonight she’s coming over so Mom & Dad can go out.  I’ll have her do the dishes, maybe Swiffer Jet the kitchen floor.   God knows it’s too hot for me to do it!

Saturday Night Cat Blogging

Sooo – it’s been raining all day, pretty steadily.   At one point – for a very long time actually, it was a snow/rain mix.  The cats are pretty sure I’ve done this on purpose; they’re scowling at me.  To make up for the rainy day, here’s a few pics of them in happier times…..last week.

First up – Khaos.  He’s an Egyptian Mau.  He was dumped by someone when he was about 3-4 weeks as we figure.  He follows me everywhere, or did until we moved and he’s suddenly more independent.  I’ll have to work on getting a better picture of his markings.

Then there’s Mr. Nibbles.  He’s a rescue kitty. He’s about 13.  He’s huge; however, I do think rumbling around outside has resulted in some weight loss.  A neighbor who walks her dogs down the alley said Nibs actually ‘charged’ her larger dog – a black lab.  Suddenly, he’s territorial.  I mean, I always thought he was the mellowest cat I’ve ever seen and now he’s yelling for everyone to get off his lawn.  WTF?!

We’ll work on getting better pictures. By the time I think of it they’re usually on the move again.

Sherlock Holmes-a-thon

It looks like TCM – Turner Classic Movies – channel 52 for those with Cable One here – is having a marathon of Sherlock Holmes movies.  Most seem to have Basil Rathbone as Mr. Holmes and Nigel Bruce as Dr. Watson.  On a TV near you until 6:00 pm MST

The Scarlet Claw – which I’m currently viewing (love that title!) – is a 1944 production.

Sherlock Holmes investigates a haunting in a Canadian village vital to the war effort.

Fixing to do errands, a few household chores, then lighting a fire and taking on the TiVo, and mulling over whether to go see ‘Sherlock Holmes’ with Robert Downey, Jr., & Jude Law tomorrow.

Halloween Hangover

And here’s Strawberry Shortcake posing as a princess…..


….. her father was a flesh-eating ghoul.  Quite the couple they were.

Smart Things Our Kids Say

A few weeks ago my daughter and granddaughter brought over a homemade chocolate on chocolate birthday cake for me.   The granddaughter was VERY excited.  Of course she had made every attempt to convince me it should really be pink as it is her favorite color.   However, Gramma does quite enjoy pink, too, but she really likes chocolate cake.

Now for perspective,  she’ s 3 years, 8 months.  I live in a third-floor walk-up.  We have a balcony that juts out into the huge Japanese cherry tree alongside the building which just about engulfs the balcony from spring into late fall/early winter.  Only hints of sun get through here periodically.  The sun mostly hits my home office windows which face due south.  Great for making sun tea.

So we’re standing out on the balcony because the cats are out there.  There are plants, chairs, bird feeders, a water bath, chimes and flags, and other homey clutter that would make it all very interesting you would think for a 3 year-old.    It’s all enclosed by wrought iron grillwork.  The granddaughter places her leg through the grill, turns to me and says:  “Gramma, this is dangerous. See how far down the ground is?”

We have a budding genius!  Using a three syllable word in context.  Woo-Hoo! What a smart girl!  Of course that sounds exactly like something her mother would say to her:   “No, you can’t jump on the trampoline with your skis on!  It’s dangerous.”


We don’t need no stinkin’ Baby  Einstein!  We have our own, thank you very much.

How Freakin’ Fun!

I just saw a picture of Michelle Obama on the new swing set she and her husband purchased for their girls.  That’s it!  I’m getting a swing set, although this is who I’d be buying it for.  Seriously.


For A While Now

feb2The thinking seems to be that it’s because it’s February, and I’m beginning to believe therein lies the real reason February is usually only 28 days.  There has to be some kind of buffer between January where ‘new beginnings’ are said to begin and the major capitalistic type holiday celebrations have ended.  There’s March with its promises that someday, someday, that yes, it will be warm again; we will see green again.  And meanwhile  we’re stuck with February.

There have been times where I haven’t felt ‘up to’ writing, reading or even watching TV. Nothing really spikes much interest. I will, however, watch the birds eat from the feeder and fly around in the trees.  On the few days the sun actually managed to break through, all I wanted to do is either lay on my bed in the sunshine or stand outside in it.  Maybe I need more milk.  Or maybe just some fresh air.

I happened across Big Ass Belle’s post from the other day about her own little quandaries.

I’ve been in a strange place lately and I can’t seem to shake the winter blues. I really feel like I should go to bed for another month, wake up about the time the goldfinches come through town.

What I’ve been up to waiting for spring:

‘A strange place lately.’  I think that’s it – just some strange place not quite knowing what to do.  Standing, turning in a circle, looking to see which direction sites the most promising view or excitement.

Family Stuff

Maybe someone has noted a reduction in posting – and then, again – maybe not.

The family is sick.  Everyone from my daughter and granddaughter to sister and one of the nephews.  Nothing I want either, the vomiting and stuff – stuff.   So while the son-in-law is at work, I’m out doing things like buying some kind of ‘Upper 10’ type beverage, chicken soup, and Saltines, running the one nephew who isn’t sick to the dentist and eye appointments.  Thankfully, he takes the bus to school. And somewhere amongst all that, I’m supposed to cuddle with the kitties, and work.

Yesterday, I went to Lowell Scott Middle School to pick up my nephew.  I damn near didn’t get him because I couldn’t remember which grade he was in.  I tossed out all kinds of information about him: his birth date, his blood type, his age, his favorite color – nope, didn’t matter.  He wasn’t in the school office yet, and the school secretary just didn’t seem to believe me.  Four times that secretary asked me, “who are you to Tyson?”  Next up was to call my sister, but of course I couldn’t remember her cell number because it’s programmed into my cell phone, which I might add was out in the car. They’d just moved (we helped), and the house phone won’t be ‘hooked up’ until Friday.  And it didn’t help that I was in mismatched, even clashing   sweats – but at least my socks matched.

Ty got there; we called his mom.  She said it was OK to take him.  The school secretary gave us a ‘new’ next-of-kin/emergency card to fill out.  And now I know he’s in the 7th grade.   Somebody remember that so I’ll have a back-up to call.