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Backyard Big Love!

Wow!  And to think I almost missed this.  Thanks to Sisyphus at 43rd State Blues (Facebook), I didn’t.

“The only good thing that comes from this is that we have got a man that is a manipulator and a brainwasher and a user of people that is being exposed,” said Reiman.

Reiman said his daughter Jana met Superintendent Cook two years ago. Their platonic relationship became more and in a letter he shared from his daughter, it explains the details of a marriage ceremony between Jana and Cook.

Superintendent John Cook of Horseshoe Bend School District was outed as a polygamist.  Right here in River City – close enough….

And – according to ‘Riverman’ over at the Idaho Statesman forum:

He is a Fundamental Christian Minister in Emmett and not a Mormon. He is a true Conservative and listens to Dobson Family Values Show and at least he is not Newt and leaves his wife when she has cancer and marries some one else.

I love that “at least he is not Newt” line.  The ‘at least’ defense.

Back to Working 2nd Shift!

Finally! I’m getting back to working the schedule I’ve worked most of my adult life.  Afternoons into evening. I’m relieved and soo delighted. We’ve integrated a new system for what I do at work and we’re pretty adept at utilizing it accurately so I approached my boss about switching back to second shift. Not to mention I’m not much of a morning person so by noon I’m just beginning to hit a ‘groove’ and by 2:00 pm, I’m on it until I’m finished for the day 2-3 hours later.

It has been pure torture for someone so addicted to politics to lose my most important time – mornings – to satiate my politicalness in watching C-SPAN and perusing the Internet as well as posting something to my blog.  Hopefully, I can keep better abreast of statewide happenings as well and if I feel so inclined – as I have at times over the past several weeks – to go to the Capitol to observe the legislature or hearings, I can go.

As an aside, I discovered something with my cable through Cable One . There’s a package you can get for $20.  You have Channels 2-22, and 98 or something.  I thought it fine since all I cared about were local network channels, C-SPAN, & channel 11 TVCTV whereon I watch DemocracyNow! every evening ≈ along with Grit TV.   So I’m talking to the rep at Cable One and I want to keep the DVR to record shit and I muttered something about, ‘shit, I need the high def for the bedroom TV.’  He says, ‘that’s another $5.’  Fine, I say.

Following the tech coming out and “switching off” whatever I run through what I have.  Because I got the high def ‘package, I’ve managed to retain the cable news channels along with several others I enjoy: National Geographic, A&E, TNT, TBS, all channels of PBS, etc., along with MUSIC channels!  Here it was my intent to get rid of “cable” due to cost and yet the channels I actually do enjoy and didn’t want to lose, I still have access to because of that HD designation.  The little $25.00 color TV I picked up at a yard sale a few years ago that’s in the bedroom gets the first 22 channels and music, which is cool for reading and slumming with the cats.

One other thing – gardening… it’s coming and now I can do it in the morning! Sit out and drink coffee watching the birds compete with the squirrels for their feeders.







Sunday Morning Cat Snoozing

Poor thing – just moved from the bed to a chair in the living room.


How I’d Miss This?

In the early 1980s my daughter & I, living across from Boise High in the North End, had a neighbor with a sometime boyfriend who ‘worked’ at KBSU.   He was a communications major, had blond hair, and rode a motorcycle.  My neighbor talked it up a bit but he, truly, was the one who essentially described the programming at KBSU and since then it’s been among my primary stations – particularly on Saturdays.  Saturday mornings ALWAYS made for good listening between Linda Laz & Victor Pacania. Since the kid is an adult with her own little ‘pink monster princess’  I usually listen all day into the night – seriously.

For several weeks now in listening to the ‘Laz Spectrum’ I’ve heard this other announcer voice.  I know – some may wonder how I could listen and not hear the announcer from time to time and notice the difference.   Sometimes I did; seriously, I just thought it was a substitute.  Then this morning I got worried and looked it up on BSU’s radio website.

Linda Laz retired!

Well, fuck….




Disclaimer: Not a Curtis Stigers fan.

It’s Fun Being 4

Hell couldn’t be much hotter or muggier than today here.  We don’t do humidity well here.  It’s usually somewhere in the range of 8-12% during the heat of the day, increasing at night contributing to the coolness.  It’ll have to storm to get rid of this godforsaken humidity!

The granddaughter went to the river with the dog – adventuring.  Here’s one of her finds.

Tonight she’s coming over so Mom & Dad can go out.  I’ll have her do the dishes, maybe Swiffer Jet the kitchen floor.   God knows it’s too hot for me to do it!

New Digs

In mid-February, my daughter who lives in the North End of Boise found a carriage house (built sometime in the early 1910s) she thought perfect for me.  She never liked my apartment; she thought it too gloomy and dark; I didn’t.   However by March 1st, I was in the carriage house.  It’s a tad smaller than my apartment, but it has a great spot for a garden and we’ve got the grass growing green again and flowers.  Most of my immediate neighbors have introduced themselves.  And the cats – they are in heaven.  In and out, in and out.

It was a freakin’ chore to get stuff together & out of a third-floor walk-up – not to mention tiring.  And stuff was still in boxes until last weekend when I went through everything to decide what was to be in the house and what is to be in the shed out back for a small while yet.  We’re into the fine tuning stage….knick-knack placement and other minor ‘house management’ issues.

Two things:  I need a new tea jar.  And, I need at least three more fans.  This place doesn’t have air conditioning and I’d much rather live with the heat than go through the expense of getting an air conditioner, etc.  Fans will be fine.

So, I’m back to paying attention to the news.  I’m thinking of throwing cable to the curb because I’ve been outside more since moving than I have in the last 4 or 5 years, and I know over the summer I won’t be watching much TV.  And! I got the disc to watch movies from Netflix! via the TV using my Wii.

Here it is in all its battered glory.  The pink chair is for my granddaughter when they swing by on their bikes.  They live half-mile away.  Added a Cherie Buckner-Webb yard sign last week.   Perfect touch.

H1N1….Should I or shouldn’t I?

sickFor three days last week I was home – sick – and spent my time primarily in bed.  Once I actually had the energy to move to the couch.  Oh! And the other actual thing I did – drink water.  It was ‘just a cold’ but one of the worst I’ve had in years upon years.  All I could think was if I feel like this, so absolute shitty from a ‘just a cold’ what happens when I get the flu!!  I’ve rarely – and I do mean rarely – gotten the flu.  There’s this aversion of throwing up ….. just yuck – yuck.

This upcoming week my employer has made arrangements for all employees and volunteers to get the H1N1 vaccination. An e-mail was sent out:

[My hospital] strongly recommends all employees and volunteers receive both seasonal influenza and H1N1 influenza vaccination. To that end we have made arrangements for [*]’s employees and volunteers to receive H1N1 vaccination at Central District Health Department POD vaccination clinics for healthcare workers and priority groups.

This is the email a friend received from her supervisor; my bud usually works from home, coming in to the hospital on rare occasions.

Since we are not in a clinical setting, coming into contact with patients, etc., we don’t really fit in the high-risk category with “health care workers” per se, so unless you qualify under one of the other high-risk categories, we should wait until the vaccine is readily available for all of us, thus conserving vaccine for the specialty groups first.

My bud asked me what I thought of it.

My thinking is it’s heavy-handed; it is NOT her supervisor’s call.  Regardless of whether or not she comes in contact with emergency room patients, she is a health care worker and is entitled to receive the vaccination.  True enough, she may not be a “high-risk” health care worker; she is, however a health care worker.

Last week, St. Al’s began a policy of requiring all employees receive flu shots.  It’s either that or “wear a surgical mask November through April” if an employee opts out of receiving the vaccination. Continue reading

Saturday Cat Loving

The other day walking out to my car I saw a little kitty who looked ‘just like’ one of my two cats.  This one in the picture below. He was dumped almost three years ago in one of the patio wells of a ground level apartment where I live.  His name is Khaos, ‘cuz he’s a little crazier than the average shit-cat, but he has such PERSONALITY along with some very distinctive markings!  As it turns out, he’s a breed – an Egyptian Mau.  So now I’m wondering if he and and this other kitty are related.


I was watching him today while he was out on the balcony checking out this and that, lying upside in one of the chairs, flipping up suddenly because something moved in the tree.   Checking to see what’s happening on the ground, biting at the leaves on one of the plants, eating, drinking – doing cat shit.   Simply put – I LOVE CATS.   I especially love it that all my nephews are Cat Men even though they all have dogs, they LOVE CATS!

Floating the Boise River

Although bank thermometers scattered around town varied,  we put the temperature at 104° F (40 C).  Our family has a few 4-person rafts, so we grabbed some drinks, a few eats, straw hats, shades, and that sunscreen for our pasty-ass selves, and headed up to Barber Park to float the river.  It felt goooddd.

This is not a photo from our yesterday’s trip; it was hellified crowded. I haven’t ever taken my camera, fearing I’d lose it.  Maybe later….


Saving Dollars for April Events

Brandi Carlile is coming to town; she’ll be on April 20th, Monday, at the Knitting Factory.

Amy Goodman will be here on April 23rd. Usually watch Democracy Now! on Channel 11 in the evening, actually night.  Oh, here we go….a bit more below….

We have also scheduled a special, intimate reception for Amy Goodman with drinks and appetizers at The Red Feather Lounge beginning at 5:30 pm! Tickets for this special function will be limited to 18. For information, please call 484-8000.

Then I happened across this on the calendar of the Idaho Peace Coalition.

Greg Mortensen, author of Three Cups of Tea, is speaking in Boise on April 27th at the Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.

Someone had just mentioned his book this afternoon so might have to check it out.  Just finished ‘Edgar Sawtelle.’

Anyone else out there addicted to watching ‘The Amazing  Race?’