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I’m Driving to Work on Your Dime

This morning the Idaho Press Tribune has an opinion on Ron Crane’s, Treasurer of the State of Idaho, imbecilic defense of why he uses the State gas card for his personal vehicle.

Apparently the first question is: “How is Mr. Crane paying for his daily commute between Nampa & Boise” because the IPT writes, “Another question that should be answered: Can you use a state credit card to fuel your personal vehicle?”  This isn’t to deride the IPT – is that a serious question? How many of us expect our employer to pay our way when getting to & from work? Evidently Mr. Crane thinks so.  I work from home & pay for internet service in order to connect to the hospital’s servers and database although a portion can be declared on my taxes as a business expense.

One commenter notes:

“We shouldn’t be paying for the local commute of any politician other than perhaps the Governor. Crane is in a position to have legally been the watch dog over such issues …. He is in a position of public trust, he is the watch dog over such issues...”

[That to me is one of two defining issues. “He is the watch dog over such issues..”]

Now as pointed out by the Idaho Press Tribune, the real issue as they see it:

But the real issue here is whether Idaho taxpayers should be expected to pay for his trips to and from work. If the rest of us are expected to foot that bill ourselves, shouldn’t the same be expected of the state treasurer?

That’s not the real issue. Why? Here’s where the ‘two defining issues’ come  in with their ‘issue’ simply providing a way out for Mr. Crane to apparently plead stupidity.

.1) Gov’t service: Ron Crane has leeched off the gov’t  for a long enough time.  He was a state representative for a number of years and following that was elected as state treasurer, and is undoubtedly quite aware of what’s allowed and/or disallowed.  During his tenure as a representative is where Mr. Crane would have been educated on those allowable expenses as they related to his office.

Prior to his election as Treasurer in 1998, Mr. Crane served 16 years in the Idaho House of Representatives. While there, he chaired the House State Affairs Committee for 4 years and the Business Committee for 7 years.

2) Business ownership:  Since 1979, Mr. Crane has operated his own small business.  It’s touted on the state website as “one of the oldest and largest alarm companies in Idaho.”  Again – as a business owner, Mr. Crane would know what’s allowable as a business expense for state & federal tax purposes.

Now, just another two things.  I’m truly sick of those who boast their Christian-ness as though that places them several notches above the rest of us especially when it comes to decision-making, living an exemplary life, and other bullshit.  Mr. Crane’s biography on the state website highlights his graduation from Nampa Christian High School, later graduating from college with an associate’s degree, going on to receive “an honorary doctorate from Ohio Christian University in 2008.” His biography also relays he is “a founding member of the Lifeline Crisis Pregnancy Center, and serves on the board of trustees for Nampa Christian Schools.”  Mr. Crane’s actions don’t even rise to meet up with his own standards.  What a role model.

Secondly, as the commenter mentioned above “he is the watch dog over such issues.”  I’d venture Mr. Crane KNOWS exactly what’s allowed and/or disallowed and simply is fabricating any response he can to find a way to skirt  the obvious. He did know and chose to ignore it.  Or … Mr. Crane truly is a fucking doofus and didn’t know and with that is flat-out unqualified at the most basic level for this position.

Either way, Mr. Crane needs to explain himself – then, resign.

You Can’t Make Me!

Just a comment on this in The Idaho Statesman Tuesday morning edition.

Governor Butch is refusing to meet with the Idaho Press Club tomorrow, Wednesday instead sending Lt. Gov. Brad Little.  Otter’s spokesman, Jon Hanian, stated flatly, “The governor said, ‘Look, I’m not going to do it this year.’”

Idaho’s governors have met with the Idaho Press Club during the annual legislative session since the tradition began with Cecil Andrus in the early 1970s.

They did it because they honored the media’s duty to inform.

Simply put, it is the duty of the governor to make himself accessible to the people over whom he has governance, as well as to the media as a mechanism to dispensing information.  Aside from thinking Butch wouldn’t be anything more than a common drunk if he hadn’t married into the Simplot family, he still has a duty to the people of Idaho in allowing access.

Surrounding the Capitol for Education

Since my Strawberry Shortcake look-a-like starts kindergarten this fall at Lowell, this is for her.  Not to mention to all the tremendous teachers I’ve had throughout my life, most specifically, Mrs. Hackenberg at Hawthorne Elementary.  Due to the passage of SB 1108 this morning, this action will be undertaken tomorrow.

To protest the passage of Senate Bill 1108 and lawmakers’ refusal to listen to their constituents, Day of Action activities are planned statewide on Wednesday, March 9.

In Boise, a human chain will circle the Capitol starting at 4:30 p.m., followed by a rally at Capitol Park at 5:30 p.m. Parents, students, and community members are invited to support educators from Boise, Caldwell, Kuna, Meridian, Mountain Home, Nampa, Vallivue, and across the Treasure Valley by joining us at the Capitol. Other events planned around the state on Wednesday include:

A Few Tiny Thoughts on Nullification

Update:  I started this over last weekend, however there’s been quite a bit of movement making it almost irrelevant.

Now that Egypt is free and my tweeter feed isn’t ablaze I’ve been able to focus on more local issues which is how this tweet caught my attention which gave a link to ThinkProgress written  by Ian Millhiser entitled, Idaho Nullificationists Poised To Kill Medicaid In That State.  The closing paragraph from Ian’s post:

ThinkProgress previously reported that the leading proponents of Idaho’s nullification bill — including Idaho Gov. Butch Otter (R) — decided to move forward with this ill-considered proposal after reading a book on nullification by leading Confederate apologist Tom Woods. As it turns out, there are very real consequences when state officials abandon the advice of real legal experts in favor of crackpot pseudo-historians like Woods. One of those consequences could be the end of Medicaid in Idaho.

Notwithstanding the possible loss of Medicaid funding that would directly affect my 28 year-old developmentally delayed nephew, I wanted to find why nullification was drawing such a strong, decided response from Idaho’s legislators.  Not to mention how not only Idaho’s governor but several Idaho legislators ‘just happened to have’ copies of a book that specifically promotes nullification as a method for “fighting federal tyranny” in the ‘battle’ currently being used as a legal strategy against the Patient Protection & Affordable Health Care Act, fondly referred to as “Obamacare” by idiots everywhere.  The book: ‘Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century’ is written by Thomas Woods, Jr., a Harvard/Columbia educated historian.  The reason for Inadvertently  found the reason why good ole’ boy Butch and GOP legislators had the book. Continue reading

Union Thuggery, My Ass!

Read this from KTVB via the AP.

Apparently someone identified as “an angry teacher showed up” at the home of Tom Luna’s mother, who is 71 years of age.  It’s not something I would do nor is it something I’d support.  It’s Luna’s comments to which I take exception.

Associated Press

Posted on February 15, 2011 at 7:57 AM

BOISE — Public schools chief Tom Luna says he had to file a police report after an angry teacher showed up at his 71-year-old mother’s home in Nampa on Saturday.

Luna has been the object of anger from teachers for his proposals to overhaul Idaho’s K-12 education system. He’s currently proposing a list of changes to his plan.

“It was just totally uncalled for,” Luna said.  “When you look at the emails that have gone out, where they’ve listed people’s addresses, they’ve listed their home phone numbers, they’ve said ‘Go talk to their neighbors and tell their neighbors to go tell them not to support this.  It’s just union thuggery as far as I’m concerned.”

No arrests were made.

Union thuggery?  Surely you fucking jest, Mr. Luna.  Take a look in the mirror.   Listing people’s addresses, home phone numbers, harassing neighbors – you know where that shit comes from – your side.  It’s been done for years when it comes to ‘exposing’ those who support Democratic or left-leaning policies.   Ask any abortion & health care service provider.

I guess that so-called degree in ‘Weights & Measures’ didn’t include studying American History.

Oh – and for the record, one teacher who appears at the door of your mother isn’t “the teachers union” ya fucking dolt.

Come up with an EDUCATION plan and then we’ll talk.

When an Oath is Not an Oath.

There’s plenty to write about including the latest from the mouth of a real jackass I could have gone longer without hearing.  Rod Beck.

I remember Rod Beck. An arch-conservative if there ever was one.  Right up there with my other favorite ReThug dimwits from what seems the long ago past: Helen Chenowith, Steve Symms . . . .

As I recall – which is difficult to do in my present estrogen-starved state – Beck did this loyalty pledge thingy a few years ago.  However, just so we’re clear, it’s not a loyalty pledge or an oath.  It’s a candidate disclosure statement.

You will note that no such “oath” exists. Such language is a fabrication created to cause a negative reaction. The use of a pejorative as a tactic is most often associated with the term propaganda, and that’s precisely what we are witnessing here, folks.  Propaganda!

The Idaho Republican Party is only asking candidates to disclose to fellow Republicans if they agree with the principles outlined in the Idaho Republican Party platform and, if they don’t, where they disagree.  Such a disclosure is only applicable prior to a Republican primary. That’s where we choose our candidates.

Does it not make sense to find out if candidates who claim to be Republican actually believe in the principles of the Idaho Republican Party before choosing them to represent the principles of the Republican Party in a general election? Any Republican who now claims they will refuse to sign an “oath” actually hasn’t been asked and won’t be asked to sign any such thing.

Firstly, Mr. Beck says no such thing exists and is just a lie; it’s propaganda.  Immediately following that assertion, Mr. Beck then points out the advantages of having said thing which doesn’t exist and, besides, it just more propaganda from the people who produce it most often in one of the REDDEST states in the union – Democrats.  Did he, perhaps, mention any names? (cough . . . Keith Roark … cough). Continue reading

“He’s the Real Deal”

For his efforts, Palin delivered a powerful endorsement, calling Ward “one of the most promising conservatives” in the nation. She said he’s pro-gun, pro-life, will fight for lower taxes and the free market.

“He’s the real deal,” Palin said.

Doesn’t this just say it all after all the shit that has come out & down regarding Vaughn Ward – from the latest of copying verbatim text (issue statements) from other legislators websites used as his own (campaign manager?), misleading ad while dressed in full Marine gear violating directive from the Pentagon with more misleading regarding the letter sent to him by the Marine Corps; worked on John McCain’s campaign in Nevada but didn’t vote in that election – period. Continue reading

“No Small Amount of Hypocrisy ….”

The idiocy of those involved in voting ‘nay’ on the Franken amendment continues unabated.  No explanations have been forthcoming from our two Idaho senators explaining their vote even though I’ve called the offices of both senators twice since the vote as well as have others.

This past Sunday, Sisyphus had an excellent post countering Kevin Richert’s write-up in the Idaho Statesman.  As stated:

Almost three weeks ago I wrote about the Idaho senators’ shameful vote on the Franken Amendment, carefully attentive to avoid an overreaching headline. Fortunately the traditional media in Idaho, Kevin Richert, took note of the issue and confronted the Idaho senators on their vote. Unfortunately Richert framed the issue as to whether Idaho’s senators were “pro-rape”, giving them a pass, rather than investigating and disclosing the reasons underlying the Franken Amendment.

The victim in this case started the Jamie Leigh Foundation to correct the abuses by government contractors in foreign jurisdictions and the inherent unequal bargaining positions between an employer and employee in those circumstances:

Did you get that? Continue reading

The ‘No’ Vote on Mr. Franken’s Amendment

Perhaps our ‘esteemed’ senators – Mike Crapo and Jim Risch – can explain their “no” vote.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Video: Rape-Nuts | The Daily Show | C…“, posted with vodpod

Way To Go, Walt!

Well!  I’ll be gottdamned!  Walt voted to admonish Joe Wilson for his unsavory outburst during President Obama’s speech to the combined houses of Congress last week.  Simpson voted ‘no.’

The 240-179 roll call Tuesday by which the House passed a resolution of disapproval against Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., for Wilson’s “You lie!” shout during President Barack Obama’s health care address to a joint session of Congress.

A “yes” vote is a vote to pass the resolution.

Voting yes were 233 Democrats and 7 Republicans.

Voting no were 12 Democrats and 167 Republicans.

Voting present were 5 Democrats.

As an aside, George W. thought Obama ‘unqualified.’   Jezzus – what to say, what to say.   If anyone would know about not meeting qualifications, it would be ole Georgie now wouldn’t it?