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Paul Ryan’s ties to Health Insurance

Still fuming over Rep. Paul Ryan’s quote, “This isn’t a budget. This is a cause” and happened upon some actually interesting economic analysis.

During his little press conference, Ryan had invoked the name of Alice Rivlin referring to his stupidly named ‘Path to Prosperity’ as part of the Ryan-Rivlin Plan.  In seeking out something on the connection between Ms. Rivlin and Mr. Ryan there was this bit of analysis regarding Medicare vs insurance:

Whether traditional Medicare could survive as an option, in the sort of system Rivlin says she envisions, is open to question and would depend, in part, on the regulations governing the whole system. But, at least in principle, she wouldn’t force people into private insurance. The new Ryan plan would.

Just the other day someone had sent this link via Twitter tying in Paul Ryan’s bribes political donations from the “insurance industry” which at the time seemed just benign information.  Now it’s more like fodder. Continue reading


More on Mitch McConnell’s ‘Truth’

The Louisville Courier-Journal had this editorial yesterday morning regarding Mitch

It’s clear what Mitch McConnell knew and when he knew it. It’s clear he deceived the public when he answered Mr. Hebert as he did about the e-mail sent by his press agent.

What I always found disconcerting all the ignorant comments like this,

“I would rather see my tax money blown up in Iraq than see it wasted on a bunch of professional welfare recipients.” [Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2007 12:36 am]

Oh, but BlueGrassRoots has a letter to the editor calling for Mitch’s resignation. They also have another editorial, this one from the Herald-Leader in Lexington.

Pardon me, but didn’t Mitch try to get our own Larry Craig to resign, and we know how well that’s turned out, don’t we?

When the company I worked for outside Cleveland laid me off, there was a period of almost three months before I found another job, the one I’m currently in. Then, an additional three months would pass before I would have insurance again, known as that sticky probationary period. COBRA sent me the paperwork to sign up. The cost was just incredible and prohibitive. It was two-thirds, that’s 2/3, of my rent. My rent was around $640 monthly. I had to make choices and they were hard choices. Fortunately, it’s just me now so there’s no one else directly impacted by my decision at that time. Can you imagine still having a fairly dependent upon you and not having the means to do it . . . . . even partially.