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Karma and Fucknuts

An urgent tweet came from a fellow politico geek: “I need some help with adjectives to describe this human being.”

I figured it had something to do with the utterly amazing protest in Madison, Wisconsin today. Some neocon fucknut going off about the ‘average’ teacher making $89,000 a year, only working 6.5 hours a day, 9 months of the year….blah, blah, blah.

Nope it was this. 

Seriously? Pearl Harbor? No mention of the internment of Japanese-Americans in camps during said conflict referenced above or the nuclear annihilation of a large number of the populations of Nagasaki and Hiroshima in effort to end said conflict, WWII.

Karma for this asshole tapping out such a blatant racist statement has gotta have some karma judge waiting, somewhere, around some corner.



What’s Happening in America Today

Seen in a comment at Huffington Post:

The GOP has obstructed everything and has also stirred up Idio.t America into a religously (sic) charged frothing at the mouth crowd of gun-toting mor0ns.

Spot on – more later….

In other news:

“I am just a man who is trying to do what God has told us to do,” Fla. reverend in Quran flap says.

No.  ‘He’ isn’t.   I think G*d is smart enough to stay out of this shit storm.

Ahh. The Victim Card

So you’ve been embarrassed throughout the media for being a sociopath, a scumbag, and an all-a-round asshole – now, what’s the best thing to do?  Dig in your heels and DEFLECT.

As difficult as it probably was for her, it’s been difficult for me as well, especially to hear her hurl an accusation of racism at me, when my motivation is absolutely pure and is driven by a desire for this country to move beyond its horrid racist past.”

Hurl accusations of racism?  I’m sorry.  Isn’t that precisely what Breitbart did when he posted the obviously doctored tape of Ms Sherrod speaking before an audience, stating it was a glaring case of racism on her part in reportedly refusing to ‘go all out’ for a white farmer?  Why her?  How is it he latched onto Shirley Sherrod like a pit bull on an intruder’s arm? Motives….it’s all about motives.

In an interview with Newsweek Breitbart is asked: “How do you think this got so out of control?” He immediately goes to Ms Sherrod’s role and then talks about his intention of pointing out the NAACP’s apparent hypocrisy & the Democrats on ‘playing the race card.’   There’s no acknowledgment of the role the Republican party has played in race relations in this country in and certainly none regarding particular elements of the ‘Tea Party. ‘  Instead Breitbart conjures up his role as victim, stating: “As difficult as it probably was for her, it’s been difficult for me as well….”

The difficulty for Breitbart (if there is any indeed) has been brought about by his own self-serving motives.  The difficulty for Ms Sherrod is that she has had a lifetime of difficulty, repeated over and over and over again. Breitbart doesn’t know what real, trying difficulty is about.  I might have a bit smidgen of an idea; however, I can guarantee it’s not at the heightened level of Ms Sherrod’s. Continue reading

Just Semantics

The entire circus surrounding Shirley Sherrod is just shameful. From the self-enthralled scumbag Andrew Breitbart posting a doctored video online of Ms Sherrod’s speech on racial reconciliation (redemption) to the embarrassing response by the Dept. of Agriculture – not to mention jumping the sharp by the NAACP.  All for false equivalency.  Media Matters posted a time-line here.

During it all Ms Sherrod spoke to various media outlets about what transpired.  One of the ‘stories’ she passed along regarding the torment her own family underwent throughout her childhood was the incident in which her relative (an uncle, I believe), Bobby Hall, was murdered by three police officers in Baker County, Georgia.  Jeffrey Lord at the American Spectator got on his high horse and decided the story was falsified primarily based upon semantics surrounding the her use of the word ‘lynch.’ Continue reading

A Texas Education?

Nothing to add…


Tip of the hat to Dave Tingley.

Assholes Convicted in Nampa Hate Crime

Somehow their sentences don’t seem long enough after reading this paragraph.  The length of their sentences ranged from 1-1/2 years to 4 years.

Prosecutors said the three plotted an attack against Raylen Smith, then 24, after encountering him in the aisles of Wal-Mart on the Fourth of July, 2008. The trio beat him in the parking lot until he blacked out.

And to demonstrate how fucking stupid these assholes were and most likely – still are – there’s this from earlier this year.

Smith said he first noticed the four in the milk aisle, and saw them again as they went through a nearby checkout line. It was in the parking lot, Smith said, that Bullard approached him, asking him what country he thought he was in.

What country he was in?   This poor kid was born and raised in southwestern Idaho.  I say 10 years for just being so goddamned stupid.

Of course, then there’s the logic at work from the attorney ….

“I turned around toward the front of Wal-Mart. I heard somebody say, ‘Get him,’ and someone say, ‘nigger,'” Smith said. “I just kept running. I was just trying to get away.”


The case is one of perceptions, said Bullard’s attorney, Elisa Massoth. Though Smith believed it was a racial attack, Bullard saw the incident as an exchange of dirty looks that ended in a fight and had nothing to do with race, she said.

Ah … so the use of n*gger to refer to a black person isn’t about race. It’s about perception!  Off to alert all the black folks.  I’m sure most will be fairly relieved doncha think?

Coeur d’Alene Hate Crime


Rachel Dolezal is the education director for the Human Rights Education Institute based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.  She has an MFA from Howard University, and this above is one of the ‘pieces’ I happened to find on her ‘blog’ where she has some a good number of pieces using different textures and techniques.   Rachel’s artwork graces the HREI website as well.

Rachel lives in Spokane, Washington and this past Sunday she found a noose “just outside the front door” of her home.  Last week – as NWCN reports – there was a burglary at her home wherein some things were stolen including a couple of guns and “$13,000 worth of personal belongings.”

Earlier this year, Dolezal said, several white supremacists confronted her while she was working at the institute.

“They asked me if I am biracial, then asked where I live and where my son goes to school,” she said.

Dolezal found it disconcerting but gave them a tour of the building’s exhibits and invited them to future events. Continue reading