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First Amendment Reminder

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

*Video from Uptake.org

Code Pink & Sarah Palin

Give ’em hell.   Those spirited women of CODEPINK had this little ditty down.

“Sarah Palin, we know what she stands for. You’ll save a fetus in the womb, then send them off to war!”

Attacking the Messengers

So Donna Brazile somehow managed to get pepper sprayed.

“I got a strong whiff — just toxic — and my head and throat are still hurting,” said Ms. Brazile, who appears on CNN as a political analyst. “I’ll avoid the protesters tomorrow.”

Yeah, I’ll bet.  She doesn’t strike me as the protesting type anyways.

But Amy Goodman was arrested when attempting to get the scoop on two producers for Democracy Now! who were arrested, as was an AP photographer.

Democracy Now! stands by Goodman, Kouddous and Salazar and condemns this action by Twin Cities law enforcement as a clear violation of the freedom of the press and the First Amendment rights of these journalists.

They are urging journalists and concerned citizens to contact the office of St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman (651-266-8535) and the Ramsey County Jail (651-266-9350) and demand the immediate release of Goodman, Kouddous and Salazar.

I had watched this episode of Democracy Now! last night on the unlawful detention of another Democracy Now! reporter/correspondent, Elizabeth Press, in a house raid by the police departments of St. Paul/Minneapolis and the feds.  And nothing, nothing! pisses off a fellow unruly more than suppression of free speech and of the press.   He doesn’t disappoint either.

Nixing Nick News?

The thing with catching snippets of a ‘story’ on one of the cable news channels for me is thinking it’s actually a story.

linda-ellerbee-small.jpgCNN had a bit on the show Linda Ellerbee ‘anchors’ on Nickelodeon, ‘Nick News’ –nicknews-logo.gif specifically one show recently that highlighted some kids with consciences, and the actions they were taking in their community. Using the magic of “The Google” I found that the paucity of websites and/or blogs railing on about all of this were the wingnut lunatics on their precarious fringe.

Kevin Hayden at ‘The American Street’ had the goods; he also the links to those wingnut lunatics. I absolutely refuse to link to them. Fuck ’em. It’s not enough that they practically rule the airwaves with their bullshit anyway. Anything with depth, anything requiring cognitive skills, anything that deviates from their fear-riddled ‘the terrorists are on the outskirts of town’ bullshit, they just cannot tolerate.

As one young woman says, ‘kids younger than me shouldn’t be making my clothes.’

Watch it – the entire video is 21 minutes and features several kids. It is indeed inspiring. And tell me again, how is it a bad thing when kids think for themselves. Of course it would be totally different if these kids were involved in an internship at Faux News or recruiting member for the Young Republicans.

Rebels With a Cause

A 5th of November to NEVER forget – Guy Fawkes Day

Someone pointed this out to me in an off-hand way, but ……. Guy Fawkes Day vendettabatch.jpg

It was intended to be the beginning of a great uprising of English Catholics, who were distressed by the increased severity of penal laws against the practice of their religion. The conspirators, who began plotting early in 1604, expanded their number to a point where secrecy was impossible.

Thus we turn to V for Vendetta – Continue reading

Who Will Stand Up?

A commenter leaves a couple of sentences:

An editorial issues a call:

A senator stands on the floor of Congress and addresses the issues of shredding the Constitution – our Constitution.

What can be used to counter the passel of lies and the bullshit from this administration as gloriously illustrated in this fraudulent ‘news conference‘ conducted by FEMA. That news conference is SO indicative of what’s wrong.

However – I don’t know how to get that across.

How do you convince someone to stop voting against their interests when they believe those responsible for the ‘condition of our country’ are NOT the people truly responsible, but you and others like you who are labeled unpatriotic – not to mention, the rabble-rousers from around the world who agree with you.

Is it about ‘the American Dream’ or is about capitalism? It seems to be the American Dream isn’t about capitalism so much as it’s about equability, equality, getting the opportunity to be what you couldn’t be somewhere else. Being a success in whatever way success is defined by you. But within capitalism, success is defined and determined by money/capital, etc.  And capitalism seems to be about always having a winner and losers, an aggressor and although not necessarily, passive people, unempowered, disenfranchised in some way – most often, monetarily, when it comes to capitalism.


Then I see writing like this:

I forced myself to watch the Republican “debate.” It was the most incredible and terrifying melange of half-truths, lies, ignorance, denial, obfuscation, warmongering, misrepresenting, and downright stupidity I have ever had the misfortune to watch. The Republican audience was so filled with blood-lust and apparent hatred one might have thought you were watching a performance of gladiators in ancient Rome, voting for some to die.

Oh yeah someone is still out there!

‘turning off the light on the mountaintop’

The caboose came back around……bobbercaboose.jpg

today – of course . . . . sooo

. . . . . . my ‘Getting Sick of the Bullshit Again‘ had a point.

The origin of my thought was THIS post by Gordon over at Alternate Brain. He had written about a column he’d read from Andrew Greeley in the Chicago Sun Times.

All he could add was “to this is that ‘hope springs eternal’ in my foolish broken heart.”

Like I said before, I sometimes get a glimpse of why some folks take matters into their own hands, why someone feels compelled to blow themselves up to make a point or ‘get back’ at someone or something, why other folks drown themselves in the very mundaness of life so there’s no room for depth or enlightening moments. It’s easy to do sometimes.

Judge Blocks Watada Court-Martial

ehren-watada.jpgLt. Ehren Watada from the 3rd Stryker Brigade received this news not long ago.  He has resisted deployment to Iraq claiming the war is not legal.


A federal court judge has temporarily blocked a court-martial scheduled for an Iraq war objector based at Fort Lewis.

The court-martial of Army 1st Lt. Ehren Watada had been scheduled to start Tuesday. Watada’s lawyers argue the Army is violating his constitutional rights by trying him twice for the same crime.

Watada is charged with missing his unit’s deployment to Iraq in June 2006 and with conduct unbecoming an officer for denouncing President Bush and the war.

U.S. District Judge Benjamin Settle in Tacoma has decided his court has jurisdiction to issue the stay and that Watada’s double jeopardy claim is not frivolous. Now the judge has asked for more briefs by both sides on the issue