Just Semantics

The entire circus surrounding Shirley Sherrod is just shameful. From the self-enthralled scumbag Andrew Breitbart posting a doctored video online of Ms Sherrod’s speech on racial reconciliation (redemption) to the embarrassing response by the Dept. of Agriculture – not to mention jumping the sharp by the NAACP.  All for false equivalency.  Media Matters posted a time-line here.

During it all Ms Sherrod spoke to various media outlets about what transpired.  One of the ‘stories’ she passed along regarding the torment her own family underwent throughout her childhood was the incident in which her relative (an uncle, I believe), Bobby Hall, was murdered by three police officers in Baker County, Georgia.  Jeffrey Lord at the American Spectator got on his high horse and decided the story was falsified primarily based upon semantics surrounding the her use of the word ‘lynch.’ Continue reading


Two Events / Two Lenses

While cruising around looking at pics I ran across some photos from the ‘tea party’ in D.C. Some of the signs were interesting to say the least. This was one of my favorite.


There’s a couple of photo streams at Flickr with numerous photos from the ‘protest’ today.  This particular photographer has the picture above in photo stream as well as a blog – My Muddled Thoughts.

A few impressions from watching the little I did on C-SPAN and reading around at the iReport page of CNN. Continue reading

Conservative Mind, Liberal Penis

Jon Stewart on Mark Sanford:

Just another politician…….”

The Clowns of the GOP

They’re wanting to matter sooo badly, too.

By way of DigbyBoingBoing has this wonderful collage….. and because one of favorite of colors is purple, here’s the first submission.


Poor Eric – he’s not sure what to do…. is he or isn’t he on a “listening tour?”

Cantor added that the National Council was actually an opportunity “to go out across this country to talk about our conservative principles and to appeal to as many elements in our society as we can.”

“Appeal to as many elements in our society as we can”….. that sounds kinda of creepy. I wonder if he means the militia types.  I’d be careful, Eric.   From what I can tell, those militia types aren’t real hip on Jews either.

“Being Molded Into Militias?”

On April 4th, Richard Poplawski hunkered down in his home in Pittsburgh, shot and killed three police officers responding to a ‘domestic call’ of some kind. Poplawski’s spree was just the latest in a rash of incidents involving guns invoking confusion and dismay.

The Washington Post then attempted to make sense out of all it, asking if there was a link between the downing of the economy with all the recent killings.

The factor underlying the violence, some experts think, is the dismal state of the nation’s economy. Criminologists theorize that the epidemic of layoffs, the meltdown of storied American corporations and the uncertainty of recovery have stoked fear, anxiety and desperation across society and unnerved its most vulnerable and dangerous.

However – the day of Poplawski’s rampage was transpiring I was flipping through the channels and caught this on Fox News.  I hesitated just long enough to hear all the gunfire so I stopped. What I actually saw was the few minute or so of Clip #1 together with the Video #2 below wherein Fox News is talking to and interviewing a neighbor of Mr. Poplawski in Pittsburgh, who does not sound like a Fox News viewer. Continue reading

What’s It Take to Be Recognized as a Magic Negro?


Why be on Fox News of course.  Who else would have the cojones to actually air anything like that?

Think Progress has video with link to a screen catch from a show on Fox News in which viewer-sent messages celebrating New Years crawled across the screen.  One such message was this:


A considerable time ago in doing research and reading related to abortion, I remember reading somewhere that the abortion debate was the offshoot of racism as it became increasingly unacceptable to display public bigotry.

The recent dust up about the RNC shill, Mr. Saltsman, who sent out copies of a CD with an alleged parody of ‘Puff The Magic Dragon’ doubling as the track for an apparent new racist release, ‘Barack, The Magic Negro.’

There’s not much to say about a fucking idiot like this.  It’s pretty obvious the intent.  I’ve been around long enough to know this is an “end-round.”  There are those, some with whom I work, who will not say ‘black’ or even ‘African-American’ because they consider it as part-‘n-parcel of political correctness gone awry.  So rather than say “n*gger” or even “n*gga” – which is want they want to say – to be “nice” they’ll use ‘colored’ or ‘Negro’ and expect you to be understanding. This is what’s called a ‘thinly veiled attempt’ to gloss over whatever subtlety there is in racism, and as far as I’m concerned, especially when used by white men – and these specific white men.

Parody is Blazing Saddles, which does it for westerns.  This fucking video – it isn’t parody. It’s a bunch of losers who cannot accept the fact that this election, and in no small part, Barack Obama, has energized people across the country and perhaps, just perhaps, the return of this country to her when it comes to ethics, justice, and freedom – a return to roots with a healthy dose of liberalism.

The Ignorance is Just Overwhelming

Reading around the Internet this morning I was absolutely appalled at some of the stories I was running across in which Obama supporters were targeted for some sort of attack which appeared to involve property damage.

This was the first – North Carolina:

Someone slashed the tires of at least 30 vehicles parked outside the Crown Coliseum on Sunday during a rally for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, authorities said.

Sheriff’s deputies are investigating. The tires were cut while people were inside the Crown Coliseum listening to speeches, said Maj. E. Wright of the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office.

Then over at Mock, Paper, Scissors a friend of TexBetsy had this occur to her car in Texas:

The Obama bumper sticker was torn off, a 20-lb rock was put through the back window, two Obama yard signs were shoved through the hole in the rear window and “Obama” was badly spray-painted in orange along the drivers side door.

Later this afternoon I found this headline on the Digg bar via the Ashville Citizen-Times

A dead bear was found dumped this morning on the Western Carolina University campus, draped with a pair of Obama campaign signs, university police said.

Maintenance workers reported about 7:45 a.m. finding a 75-pound bear cub dumped at the roundabout near the Catamount statute at the entrance to campus, said Tom Johnson, chief of university police.

A dead bear cub….someone killed a black bear cub to make a point? A racial comment?

Update:  The wonder of You Tube:

Now, I’ve seen many stories of ignorant asses like the Gayle Quinnells on TV, heard the likes of the ‘Jodys from Fenton’ on NPR, but this takes balls doesn’t it? While Obama was in North Carolina over the weekend, he stopped for lunch in Cape Fear area – Fayettesville, NC.

The welcome wasn’t as warm at Cape Fear BBQ & Chicken on Grove Street in Fayetteville, where he stopped to pick up lunch.

When Obama walked in, patron Diane Fanning, 54, yelled, “Boo, socialist! Socialist! Get out of here!”

Another woman responded loudly, “At least he’s not a warmonger!”

As one elder woman said, she doesn’t plan on voting for Obama but she did shake his hand and wished him well – ‘there’s no reason not to be civil.’

It’s gotten out of hand and McCain and Palin don’t seem interested in tamping it down – at all. Someone, somewhere is going to end up getting hurt by these ignorant asses.