Reckless or Protective?

The other day at Red State Rebels six words about pushed me over the edge.  I came this close – to rattling off something unkind.

I’m really sad about John Edwards … both for how he cheated on his awesome wife Elizabeth (who apparently put up with it), but also for how his PAC shoveled money into his paramour’s company.

“Who apparently put up with it.”  That’s awfully judgmental I thought. Besides of the two Edwards’, Elizabeth, without a doubt, has always garnered from me much more in the respect department.  I’ve been of the mind that she has pushed harder for John Edwards’ stances than he.   Narcissistic and self-involved he called himself when referring to his affair.  Really?  That’s a nice way of saying, ‘I’m an asshole.’

I kept thinking of the timeline and the words Elizabeth Edwards posted on Daily Kos.

Our family has been through a lot……John made a terrible mistake in 2006….But he did tell me. And we began a long and painful process in 2006, a process oddly made somewhat easier with my diagnosis in March of 2007. This was our private matter, and I frankly wanted it to be private because as painful as it was I did not want to have to play it out on a public stage as well…..

My thought was about Elizabeth Edwards, her power, her strength, and the immense respect I have for her.  The above sentence that is underlined which references the return of her cancer is what pulls people in as well.  She’s a wonderful person, ill with a death sentence, and now we find her husband is just another political scumbag who fucks around on his wife, no better than David Vitters, Larry Craig, Newt Gingerich or that other asshole – John McCain.  But – I kept thinking of the timeline.  Then, I ran across this at the Huffington Post.

Even when I believed that Edwards was hiding something, I assumed Elizabeth was a victim. Now, that’s changed……we do have a statement from Elizabeth Edwards….The one upshot from her statement is that she knew about Edward’s affair prior to his run for office.

And that’s what struck me about the timeline as well.  She knew – and essentially, they both lied to us.  I don’t always read the comments at the bigger blogs, but I did read through some after the post and found this comment by someone named ‘Angie H’:

I am not upset about Elizabeth forgiving him. That is between them…..I am upset that she agreed that the best course was to have him run for President without disclosing the affair….. We (the people) have a right to expect honesty from our candidates. Not perfection, but honesty.

Yeah – their marriage is their own. How they handle their ups and downs is, I think, really between them.  However what I expected from both of them was honesty, and I’m totally disappointed that neither of the Edwards’ could give at least that.


What Our Parents Do In Bed

Ran across this fascinating article about dementia and sex. 

She was 82. He was 95. They had dementia. They fell in love. And then they started having sex.


And though the doctor never laid eyes on Bob, in general, he said, the fear of sex causing heart attacks is wildly overblown: “If you’ve made it to age 95, I’m sorry, but having sex is not going to kill you—it’s going to prolong your life. It was as if someone had removed the sheath that was covering [Dorothy], and she got to live for a while.”

The issue isn’t ‘sex’ really or even dementia.  It’s the level of comfort some have or not when discussing the likelihood of sexual behavior on the part of our parents.  I mean, we’re here – that didn’t occur asexually.  What IS the big deal with our parents having sex anyway?

The School Nurse and the Wilder School Board

Here’s what appears to be the latest. The school board in Wilder spoke to the two parents who were concerned about their daughters having been given birth control (Depo shots) at Southwest District Health Dept in Caldwell.The Argus Observer in Ontario has news for the far western reaches of Idaho. KIVI – Channel 6* has a neophyte on it as well.

Without wandering over to the Law Library or talking to my representative in the state legislature, I tracked some information about parental consent and obtaining birth control.

Twenty-one states explicitly allow all minors to consent to contraceptive services without parental permission.

[Source: “Minors Access to Contraceptive Services,” State Policies in Brief, AGI, Dec 1, 2005.]

As of the information provided at this website, Idaho is one of those 21, as of Dec 1, 2005. The Baltimore Sun has some graphs provided by the Guttmacher Institute that shows similar information as of October 19, 2007.

However, the Guttmacher Institute has this on its website which shows Idaho is STILL one of the 21 states that allows minors to obtain contraception without the consent of parents.  As with the other 21 states, the phrase ‘all’  applies to or includes those age 12 and above.

≈ ≈ ≈ ≈

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Oh-oh…Contraceptives & Teenagers

Just saw this at KIVI’s site stumbling around looking for something else, of course. The headline alone brought out the ‘oh-ohs’.

Nurse takes high-school girls off-campus for contraceptives

Yikes! But the names up front: Dawn Luna and Lisa Fernandez are sisters, who are outraged. (Wonder if they’re related to Tom Luna.) Regardless . . . .

Two Wilder mothers say they are outraged at the Wilder School District after a school nurse took female students to Caldwell for birth control shots. . . .

Part of the school’s justification for taking students to get the birth control shots was that they were potentially sexually active and would be afraid to ask their parents for birth control, Fernandez said. She said her daughter is not sexually active and that she told school staff they could not take her off campus for any reason.

As a parent, myself, I’m not real keen on this idea. At the same time, my daughter didn’t begin using contraception until she was 17, and she came to me about ‘going to Planned Parenthood or somewhere.’ And that was 10+ years ago. Since my daughter is more than grown with a daughter of her own, it looks like I’ll be checking out parental consent laws in Idaho because I’m not up on them.

Wilder School Board member Raul Rocha said Sunday he could not comment on the incidents before he met with other school officials. No other Wilder school officials could be reached for comment.

The board meets tonight. But it is unclear whether trustees will discuss the issue at the meeting.

That board meeting is apparently tonight, Monday, Dec. 10th. The Idaho Press Tribune just posted this story on their website. If I knew it was going to be on the agenda, I’d go just for the ‘fireworks.’ 😉