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You Can’t Make Me!

Just a comment on this in The Idaho Statesman Tuesday morning edition.

Governor Butch is refusing to meet with the Idaho Press Club tomorrow, Wednesday instead sending Lt. Gov. Brad Little.  Otter’s spokesman, Jon Hanian, stated flatly, “The governor said, ‘Look, I’m not going to do it this year.’”

Idaho’s governors have met with the Idaho Press Club during the annual legislative session since the tradition began with Cecil Andrus in the early 1970s.

They did it because they honored the media’s duty to inform.

Simply put, it is the duty of the governor to make himself accessible to the people over whom he has governance, as well as to the media as a mechanism to dispensing information.  Aside from thinking Butch wouldn’t be anything more than a common drunk if he hadn’t married into the Simplot family, he still has a duty to the people of Idaho in allowing access.

“I’ve Seen Him More Times at Breakfast…”

Apparently Fox News, long known for its objectivity and incredible in-your-face reporting has ignited a ‘firestorm’ accusing CNN, Reuters, and other news outlets of participating in a government-sponsored propaganda excursion wherein they acted as human shields while covering a bombed out portion of Gaddafi’s compound in Tripoli.

As told by Nic Robertson, CNN, a good number of reporters/journalists along with photographers were on an excursion to ‘tour’ an apparent “unauthorized” target under the no-fly-zone enacted by the UN over Libya ‘sponsored’ by Libyans officials from the Ministry of Information.  Ultimately British aircraft on the verge of firing 7 Storm Shadow missiles in to the same area called off the attack once learning of the physical presence of the reporters.  Thus the accusation by Fox News of being used as human shields. Continue reading

Egypt is Exploding

Won’t get too much work done this morning.  There aer two live feeds to follow.  The better of the two in my opinion, Al-Jazeera English.

Al-Jazeera, English and CNN International.

Some amazing, amazing video coming from Al-Jazeera English office in downtown Cairo earlier.  It’s dark now.  It’s currently 7:50 pm or so in Egypt.

Since most of my Twitter feeds are either political or social justice oriented, Twitter is burning up.

Playing the Media For the Fools They Are

Jason Linkins has a terrific column at Huffington Post on that so-called pastor in Gainesville, Florida.  You know the one.  The one Mr. Linkins refers to as “the leader of a microscopic cult of idiots” who at the time were all fired up to burn the Koran on the 9th anniversary of 9/11.   One of many press conferences were conducted in which “a rapt media which decided that his moronic plans were the single most important thing going on in America.”   This leader of the “microscopic cult” – Terry Jones – had called the presser to announce the calling of the book burning fun-fest because “he had successfully reached a deal with the people behind the Park51 community center in Lower Manhattan, in which they would move their facility away from the site of the World Trade Center.”

Of course – it was a lie.  Just as was much of what  came out of Jones’ mouth – lies – and, therein, lies the problem. Continue reading

No Shades of Gray

Tonight I happened to catch a couple of stories on ’60 Minutes.’  This one involved the story of Newsweek reporter, Maziar Bahari, arrested in June by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard amid the of the hoopla surrounding Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s “election.”

One thing Bahari said in the beginning of the interview had reminiscent echoes of a previous administration.  Read it:

Bahari had no idea that he too would be vulnerable. He had been an accredited journalist in Iran for 12 years and was an internationally acclaimed filmmaker. His reputation: telling both sides of the story.

“They certainly knew that you were a fair journalist writing fair and balanced reports,” Simon remarked.

“Yes, but they don’t like fairness,” Bahari said. “You have to be either with them or against them. You cannot see shades of gray. You have to see the world in black and white.” Continue reading

Put the Rabid Scarecrow Back on The POLE!

He could wile away the hours

Conferrin’ with the flowers

Consultin’ with the rain

And his head he’d be scratchin’

While his thoughts were busy hatchin’

If he only had a brain


Welcoming Them Home

With the news of Laura Ling and Eula Lee’s release by the North Korean government into the ‘custody’ of Bill Clinton, Current TV invited folks to leave messages for the two women.  In my estimation, this was one of the best.

Laura Ling & Euna Lee on the Way Home…

I’m sure the families of these two women, not to mention their employer – Current TV, owned & operated by none other than Big Dog’s vice president, Al Gore – are deeply, deeply grateful. The thing that caught my attention was Laura Ling refused the offer from some gentleman to take some of her ‘luggage.’ All I could think when she barely broke stride was she just wanted to get the FUCK out of North Korea – period.

Names to the Faces of the Dead & Detained

The Guardian, UK, has a website dedicated to naming those who have been murdered and/or detained.  They’re asking for pictures in helping identify and putting “names to faces” to keep this issue front and center.

Iran election: faces of the dead and detained | World news | guardian.co.uk.

Wanking Wanker of the Galaxy

IMG_0387.JPGVia Booman Tribune calling out Jake Tapper at ABC News.

Apparently Tapper is having a hard time allowing President Obama the time spent going out with his daughters yesterday afternoon for custard and ice cream, all while shit’s happening in Iran.  It was important enough to Tapper to tweet about it.

Q: Any ppl who voted for POTUS unhappy w/image of him getting frozen custard as today’s events unfolded in Iran? Or bogus right wing meme?

Just happened to get taken to Jake’s Twitter and saw this:

@thejoshuablog not sure.. didnt see it, was doing Father’s Day stuff. will check it out.  9 minutes ago from web

……..  soooo, I left him a tweet of my own.

Because apparently, it is okay for Tapper to do “Father’s Day stuff” but Obama cannot take his daughters out for ice cream?

I left him this ‘tweet’ – the stupid mofo.  Sometimes the level of determined asinineness  is just unbearable.

lunaticfringer@jaketapper ohhhhh! So YOU’RE doing Dad’s Day stuff – but Obama can’t w/ his daughters 4 ice cream? U R one bigass Wanker. 4 minutes ago from web in reply to jaketapper

And here, Jakie – here’s some questions for ya? Continue reading