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The Freedom Glory Project


…… you think your power is secure
when you startle us with the threat of war
but fear has its limits too
we are no longer scared of you


Britain’s “Bitter Legacy”in Iran

I’m currently reading the book, All the Shah’s Men by Stephen Kinzer.  What seems to be ‘in-your-face’ and oh, so obvious is the role the British has played in Iran.  It has been or had been Britain (most especially) and Russia who were the major players in Iran, more so Britain whose presence in Iran for 100 years or so was the typical colonial response to all their ‘subjects’ so to speak.    The involvement of the United States, at least as I’m reading it, doesn’t  really begin until the Truman administration although there was undoubtedly ‘involvement’ with the Allies during WWII when using oil from Iran, which the British controlled.  But I’m going to digress.

So, I’m watching Fareed Zakaria’s show on Sunday on CNN, ‘Global Public Square’ (GPS) and there he is, Tony Blair, talking about how he doesn’t understand the reasoning behind the events in Iran wherein the laying of blame is placed upon Britain.  A transcript is posted at CNN/GPS’s website illustrates this:

ZAKARIA: The supreme leader singled out Britain for special condemnation, interfering with Iranian affairs. Why do you think that is?

Is the British embassy in Iran — I mean, you were in effect running it for 10 years, running the whole British government — do you fund espionage activities? Do you do things that — why are the Iranians so focused on you guys?

BLAIR: This is nonsense. I mean, they know it’s nonsense. I guess they’ve got to choose somebody to go after, so they choose us.

And, you know, I have been very clear, obviously, in the statements that I’ve made, both as prime minister and afterwards, that nuclear weapons capability of Iran is the red line, and that Iran should stop exporting terrorism, destabilizing people within the region. I mean, I think that’s pretty obvious to say.

And let me make one thing very clear. For us in Britain, we greatly value Iran as a country, its people as a people, its civilization, which is an ancient and proud civilization, as indeed just that.

But the fact is that there are elements within the Iranian system that do cause genuine instability, and worse, around the Middle East. And what we hope very much, whatever happens over these next weeks in Iran, is that over the time to come that we can have a relationship with Iran in which they are trying to be helpful and constructive and conciliatory. Continue reading

Names to the Faces of the Dead & Detained

The Guardian, UK, has a website dedicated to naming those who have been murdered and/or detained.  They’re asking for pictures in helping identify and putting “names to faces” to keep this issue front and center.

Iran election: faces of the dead and detained | World news | guardian.co.uk.

We Are Being Murdered Like Mice in a Lion’s Den

Update: I should’ve placed a warning with the video; it’s graphic. It made me cry because I just think of my nephews who are this age.tiny-divIt’s hard to read and harder still to watch….

via Twitter / Search – #iranelection.

We are being murdered like mice in a lion’s den!!! BUT WE STILL FIGHT!!! The world just watches. #tehran #iranelection half a minute ago from web

Neda Soltan’s family ‘forced out of home’ by Iranian authorities http://tinyurl.com/lxjw5p#IranElection #Revolution half a minute ago from web

News reports: Slaughter in Iran: shooting, chopping, beating, throwing off bridges. Mass arrests. #Iranelection half a minute ago from web

Few Embassies in Tehran Truly Offering ‘Protection’

Although there was plenty of calling for foreign embassies to open their doors to protesters, those tweets saying such was bullshit – just as I thought.  People were giving me shit at Crooks & Liars and at Huffington Post.  I’ve been to the U.S. Embassy in various countries.  While stationed in Germany, we had regular medical visits from the U.S. ambassador to Hungary (check-ups) with his family and we spent a great deal of time talking about his role and responsibilities.

Embassies in Tehran urged to offer protesters refuge: diplomats – Yahoo! News.

It does not mean none won’t.  The Italians have been instructed to help if called upon.

Per the Italian publication, Repubblica,

18:54 Frattini: “Embassy will assist demonstrators wounded”

Foreign Minister Franco Frattini that, pending coordination with European colleagues,” instructions have been given “to the Embassy of Italy in Teheran to “accommodate and assist the injured demonstrators’” where there is demand and need assistance.

I Wonder If God is Shaken

From Nico’s live blogging at Huffington Post comes this very touching video.


Tomorrow is Saturday.

Tomorrow is a day of destiny.

Tonight, the cries of Allah-o Akbar are heard louder and louder than the nights before.

Where is this place?

Where is this place where every door is closed?   Where is this place where people are simply calling God?   Where is this place where the sound of Allah-o Akbar gets louder and louder?

I wait every night to see if the sounds will get louder and whether the number increases.  It shakes me.  I wonder if God is shaken.

Where is this place where so many innocent people are entrapped? Where is this place where no one comes to our aid?   Where is this place that only with our silence we are sending our voices to the world?   Where is this place that the young shed blood and then people go and pray — standing on that same blood and pray.  Where is this place where the citizens are called vagrants?

Where is this place?

You want me to tell you?

This place is Iran.    The homeland of you and me.

This place is Iran.

Time For a Change

Twitter Postings Going On

One night recently wb.iran.g at Jack & Jill Politics, someone made the comment:

I will never talk smack about Twitter again.”

Last night while out at my favorite ice creamery (Fanci Freeze), I was talking to one of the kids we see regularly about Iran.   She’s 21 or 22, and SHE was saying she always thought Twitter “kinda juvenile.”  Precisely!

However, it has been interesting reading the Twitter feed at ‘iranelection’ over the past week, to the point of being worrisome – just saw this

“Khamenei has ordered IRG 1 week to silence people Demos. It’ll be a joint effort w. Interior & Intelligence staff.”

One week – a lot of people could die in one week. Jesus!  It’s getting heated.

Updating on Events in Iran


Over 1 Million Reported In The Streets, Mousavi Appears

So reads the current headline at Huffington Post.   I’m trying to follow Twitter feeds, Nico Pitney at Huffington Post who is still live blogging (Go! Nico!),  Al-Jazeera, and the BBC.   I suggest bookmarking every damn one of them.  As for Al-Jazeera; it is an absolutely fantastic news source.  I cannot believe it’s barred/banned from being aired publicly in the U.S.

Found this for a bit of reading.

MSNBC has a slide show up from the 1979 overthrow of the Shah – the same Shah the U.S.  (CIA) and British helped put into power – a demon of a dictator.

Iran Election page at MSNBC.

Keeping up with Juan Cole.

And this wonderful picture I stumbled upon in Flickr.  Go to the page to inspect the intricacy of the design and be prepared to be dazzled.  I love the colors!


Got my Buddhist prayer flags up and flying for the world today – specifically the Iranian people who appear to want more than just having their votes counted.

The Iranian Klan – Culture Cops?

Found this interesting film on the Basij – the militia-culture cops in Iran….seems to be similar to the Taliban troops and the religious right wingnuts here.   Originally – militia, then …..

Originally consisting of those males “either too young or old for regular military service,”[2] the Basij are perhaps most famous for providing the volunteers that made up the human wave attacks against the Iraqis during the Iran–Iraq War, particularly around Basra.[1] Currently Basij serve as an auxiliary force engaged in activities such as law enforcement, emergency management, the providing of social service, organizing of public religious ceremonies, and more controversially morals policing and the suppresson of dissident gatherings.[3] They have a local organization in almost every city in Iran.[4]

Here’s how Global Security. org describes them with, as mentioned above, this paragraph.

The Basij, or Baseej paramilitary volunteer forces, come under the control of the Revolutionary Guards.  They have been active in monitoring the activities of citizens, enforcing the hijab and arresting women for violating the dress code, and seizing ‘indecent’ material and satellite dish antennae. In May 1999 the Minister of Islamic Culture and Guidance stated in public remarks that the Government might support an easing of the satellite ban.  However, Supreme Leader Khamenei, who makes the ultimate determination on issues that involve radio and television broadcasting, quickly criticised any potential change as amounting to “surrender” to Western culture, effectively ending any further debate of the idea.  The “Special Basijis” are not permitted to participate in political parties or groups, although other members of the Basij can belong to political associations if they are not on a Basij mission and do not use the name or resources of the Basij for the association. Basijis can participate in specialist or trade associations.

Religious zealots, religious wingnuts ….. it’s all the same.  Or as this blogger termed them – the Ku Klux Klan of Iran.  How’s that for a frame of reference?