Smatterings Somewhat Related to Religion

As part of the scatterback of the fine fuckery that has enveloped the family for a few months, I was slumming today and caught a movie on HBO, ‘The Last Supper.’ The premise is, um, almost irrestitible.

A group of five graduate student roommates in Iowa fall into a descent that leads to murder after an accidental meeting leads them to search out extremists in the local community…

Ever wonder why Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t vote? I had a friend throughout junior high and high school who was (and probably still is) Jehovah’s Witness. If this was something I knew, I’d certainly forgotten. Before reading the information piece from Slate I somehow knew the biblical verse “they aren’t of this world” (John 17:14-19) would be pertinent. Continue reading




This is where I’ll be later this morning. In case you need help, this guide will help. Continue reading