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Zeb Bell’s Pitiful Party

Since approximately mid-2008, two of Idaho’s progressive bloggers have been keeping tabs on southern Idaho’s radio talk broadcast  ‘Zeb at the Ranch.’  I’m not about to rehash what’s been unearthed as a result of their coverage.  I am going to confront something posted at The Mountain Goat Report – a question in relation to an accusation from Mr. Zebbell.

First – there’s this.  It’s a two-minute clip of Mr. Zebbell with a rough transcript provided below. Make sure you either listen OR read the words.

Ah yeah, let’s see – ya know. I do want to mention something else … quickly.

For all the far left attacks by the liberal, left, hate-filled bloggers – and these people really are hate-filled. They have no shame and they have no conscience evidently.

And if you or I stand for a value system…..we stand for a value system: believe in the bible, believe in god, believe in the 10 commandments. We try to live our lives. We all make mistakes, and every day we try to get up and say I’m sorry for what I did yesterday, I will try not to repeat it and try to be better human beings and better to our fellow man.

But if you stand up for a value system – they come after ya. Yep.

They had resorted to some of the lowest forms attacks on the blogs, on me, my life, and even – my physical challenges.  I make no bones about it. I’m all busted up and I’m on crutches. Oh boy – they really went after that. Continue reading

Hostages of Bryan Fischer?

As noted here the other day, Bryan Fischer of the Idaho Values Alliance – no link to be provided – had this monstrosity posted on his website, via 43rd State Blues.  It references a plane crash in Butte, Montana at the edge of a cemetery not quite making it into the airport. There were no survivors.

You by now will have read about the plane crash in Montana which took the lives of 14 people. What you may not have read is that among the victims were members of Bud Feldkamp’s family, including two of his daughters, two sons-in-law, and five grandchildren. Feldkamp, it turns out, is the owner of the nation’s largest privately owned, for-profit abortion chain. His clinics perform more abortions in California even than Planned Parenthood. The plane, in another tragically ironic twist, crashed in a Roman Catholic cemetery which contains a memorial to victims of abortion, the ‘Tomb of the Unborn.’ Pro-lifers had prayed for years in front of his mansion, pleading with him and praying for him to repent and warning him for his children’s sake that, “If you do not hate bloodshed, bloodshed will pursue you.”

Then Thursday, I believe, Kevin Richert (Idaho Statesman) had written that he was STUNNED at the posting on Mr. Fischer’s site.


Why?  Continue reading