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More on Blue Dog Minnick

Going along nicely with my post below is Dave Neiwert’s post on Sunday’s CNN program, John King State of the Union.  Dave takes a look at the perspective presented of Walt Minnick & a few constituents of Benewah County.

But it also revealed, I think, the flaw in the kind of thinking employed by Blue Dogs like Minnick when confronted with tough issues like health care. Rather than represent the people who actually campaigned for them and put them into office, they kowtow to what are perceived to be the majority conservative sentiments in their district and vote the Republican line.

In other words, they’re trying to solidify their positions by selling out the very people who elected them, while pursuing the votes of people who will never vote for them.

Also referenced in Dave’s post is Randy Stapilus’ blog, Ridenbaugh Press, where Randy takes Minnick to task.

But here’s the stunner: The most “conservative” member of the Northwest delegation turns out not to be a Republican at all, not Idaho’s Mike SimpsonDave Reichert (263.0), Doc Hastings (312.0) or Cathy McMorris-Rodgers (341.5). (281.0) or Washington’s

Rather, it is the only Democrat in the House to score more conservative than the “least conservative” Republican – Idaho’s Walt Minnick, at 359.5, which puts him just about in the middle of the House Republican caucus, and more “conservative” than, for example, Simpson. No other Democrat or Republican scores across the line at all.

Both are well worth the reading time and to be bookmarked.

Blue Dog Walt

Mountain Goat has a piece up that shows Walt Minnick on the run from Mike Stark (blogger for FireDogLake & Huffington Post) who was attempting to question some Congress representatives on ‘the birther issue.’   She even has video!

In Idaho’s 1st District, waking up to find out your congressman has done something bizarre isn’t unusual.  Characters like Helen Chenoweth, Butch Otter and the granddaddy of them all, Bill Sali, have recently graced the halls of Congress representing the people of Idaho with a style and flair that, at times, can only be called unique.  Maybe it was too much to expect that Bill Sali’s successor bring a little “normal” to the office.

Not sure why his first instinct was to run.  Maybe he thought he was going to get cornered with a question on health care and maybe his campaign training kicked in. ….  <snip>

It does seem strange that a man who benefited from the efforts of bloggers when mired in a tough campaign against an incumbent who, had he not been one of those “Idaho characters,” should have won reelection easily, would now be running from them.  Maybe it’s his positions on things like health care that has some progressive bloggers less than enthusiastic with Minnick’s initial months in office that also has Minnick running from answering their questions and calling them scum.

Maybe.  I know I haven’t been pleased with his first few months in office – but then, truthfully, he’s not my representative.   Mike Simpson is,  as I’m actually in the second Congressional District, who is Republican.   Regardless, I am a Democrat who had hopes with Walt Minnick’s election.

Sunday, I just happened to catch the tail-end of John King’s program on CNN.   I don’t care for John King and I don’t watch much CNN any longer, but flipping through I heard ‘Idaho.’ Continue reading

Democracy Now! John Pilger on “Socialistic Health Care!”

Treasure Valley Community TV runs ‘Free Speech TV’ after 10:00 p.m. on Channel 11 – if you get cable.  I don’t think it runs on broadcast TV.  (As for Direct TV or other satellite, it depends on the package you’ve chosen.)  It’s also on in the early mornings as in before 7:00 a.m.

Democracy Now! runs at 10:00 p.m., and I generally watch it unless something bigger is happening.  Last night I caught this bit advertised as being on next week.  It’s regarding health care – our system versus that of the British as discussed by John Pilger.  If you don’t have the opportunity to view the program, you can catch it at Democracy Now!’ s website.

Waxman Ousts Dingell

Just caught this from firedoglake – HenryWaxman defeated John Dingell for “chairmanship of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.”  Here’s Jane in her special prose:

This is a huge defeat for the Blue Dogs, who were hoping to use Dingell as a roadblock to keep any meaningful change from happening with regard to issues under the Committee’s jurisdiction — telecommunications and health care, energy and environmental protection, interstate commerce and consumer protection…. Continue reading