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Eddy Liddy Doesn’t Get It

Anyone know if he’s related to the infamous G. Gordon Liddy?

Sooo – Rep. Judy Biggert (R-IL) just asked Liddy if AIG had not received bailout funds, would those bonuses been paid out?  “No.” he said, “Probably not.”  With an explanation about going into bankruptcy.

Last night on Rachel Maddow’s show, Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) was on explaining the amendment he and Olympia Snowe (R-ME) had in the stimulus bill.  Below:

MADDOW:  Back in early February, you and Senator Snowe added an amendment to the stimulus bill that, I think, would have prevented AIG from giving out these millions of dollars worth of bonuses.  That amendment was taken out of the bill.

Am I right that your amendment would have stopped what we are experiencing right now?

WYDEN:  You are right.  And that‘s what‘s so sad about this situation.  It simply didn‘t mean to happen.  What happened, Rachel, was we got it through the United States Senate and then like, with so many issues, all the lobbyists came out in droves and somehow magically, the amendment disappeared.  It seems to me now we‘ve got an opportunity to get this job done right but it didn‘t have to happen.

In talking to my boss just a bit ago, she said this is the kind of stuff that drive people to get guns and kill people.  I’m not so inclined myself, but I do think there are undoubtedly people who are desperate enough to not give a rat’s ass or one shit.  Mr. Liddy may need to be a bit more careful than usual.

In watching for the few moments just now, it seems Mr. Liddy is more determined to let ‘everyone know’ what he thinks or how he views this fiasco.  The thing is – we don’t.  Liddy just told the representative  battering him with questions, Mr. Lynch (D-MA), he wasn’t there yet – sooo – it’s not HIS fault.  See?  Emptywheel is live blogging at firedoglake, and Jane – being Jane – has this up on Mr. Liddy.


If I have the timeline correct, Mr. Liddy was CEO of Allstate during the Katrina debacle when Allstate refused to pay claims.  Have to check that out.

Update-1:  It was Rep. Lynch from Massachusetts who was battering Eddy Liddy with questions.  The funniest exchange, I swear, was when Mr. Liddy said he was offended, and Mr. Lynch replied, “Offense was meant.”   A real laugh-out-loud moment, and here’s a bit on that exchange with some other observations.