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When an Oath is Not an Oath.

There’s plenty to write about including the latest from the mouth of a real jackass I could have gone longer without hearing.  Rod Beck.

I remember Rod Beck. An arch-conservative if there ever was one.  Right up there with my other favorite ReThug dimwits from what seems the long ago past: Helen Chenowith, Steve Symms . . . .

As I recall – which is difficult to do in my present estrogen-starved state – Beck did this loyalty pledge thingy a few years ago.  However, just so we’re clear, it’s not a loyalty pledge or an oath.  It’s a candidate disclosure statement.

You will note that no such “oath” exists. Such language is a fabrication created to cause a negative reaction. The use of a pejorative as a tactic is most often associated with the term propaganda, and that’s precisely what we are witnessing here, folks.  Propaganda!

The Idaho Republican Party is only asking candidates to disclose to fellow Republicans if they agree with the principles outlined in the Idaho Republican Party platform and, if they don’t, where they disagree.  Such a disclosure is only applicable prior to a Republican primary. That’s where we choose our candidates.

Does it not make sense to find out if candidates who claim to be Republican actually believe in the principles of the Idaho Republican Party before choosing them to represent the principles of the Republican Party in a general election? Any Republican who now claims they will refuse to sign an “oath” actually hasn’t been asked and won’t be asked to sign any such thing.

Firstly, Mr. Beck says no such thing exists and is just a lie; it’s propaganda.  Immediately following that assertion, Mr. Beck then points out the advantages of having said thing which doesn’t exist and, besides, it just more propaganda from the people who produce it most often in one of the REDDEST states in the union – Democrats.  Did he, perhaps, mention any names? (cough . . . Keith Roark … cough). Continue reading