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Note to Rick Perry

writing-a-letterDear Rick ” I want to get the fuck out of the U.S.” Perry:

When you’re mouthing off about seceding from the union after being a parasite on its buttocks, sucking blood from it for the last 140 years or so, it’s good to have a track record where you haven’t asked for federal funding from the very government you supposedly despise.

That’s like sending mixed signals, dude.  Which is it?  Do you want to be a socialist or not?

Seems ole’ Ricky-Dick is asking for 37, 430 doses of Tamiflu from the CDC.  Ya know the CDC.   That federal agency overseeing public health in the United States.  That one.

Why just the week before last he was asking for federal monies to help battle wildfires.  All the while the other side of his mouth was saying:

I believe the federal government has become oppressive……We think its time to draw the line in the sand and tell Washington that no longer are we going to accept their oppressive hand in the state of Texas.”

In the last six months, Rick Perry has asked help from the federal government under at least four circumstances, three being within the past month.  First an extension of the Hurricane Ike cleanup, 1000 federal troops to the border of Mexico, damage from wildfires, and this – the latest – in asking for federal help for a possible public health crisis.

You know what, Rick?

Keep your mouth shut unless you mean business when it comes to seceding or we might just push your ass out for the helluva it.

Oh yeah – when ya repay the funds – it’s CASH only; no credit, no gift cards, no checks.  CASH.